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Juicy S5 cab

pjs Apr 29, 2013

  1. pjs

    pjs New Member

    Right, had my car 6 weeks, done nearly £1300 in fuel over 4300 miles at an average of 21.6 mpg. Now I'm not saying I thought I'd get 30 mpg, but the bulk of my driving is motorway, at the speed of whatever the outside lane is doing. I did think I'd get 25-26mpg though.

    Still, love it to bits, but god knows how the V8 S5 drivers get on!
  2. elrao

    elrao Member

    Our S4 was the same when we first got it. I think average over 3 years is about 22mpg - but then my wife does a lot of short journeys (slowly!).

    On the motorway, cruise around 70 and you can break 30mpg on a good run. Most trips though (20 miles+) end up in the mid 20s.

    My old S5 (4.2) was 3-4mpg worse in all scenarios! Don't think I ever saw more than 27mpg even when nursing to the petrol station!!
  3. RobJ73

    RobJ73 New Member

    My 4.2 will see 25 on a motorway run. Empty flat motorway will see 30mpg @ 85mph. Rare as chickens teeth. Averaging 20mpg. Gave up trying to be frugal. Drive it like it's meant to be driven! :)

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