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Juddering when slowing down

Legend7 Apr 30, 2013

  1. Legend7

    Legend7 Member

    Recently I have noticed that the engine judders when slowing down in neutral. It happens near to the end of where the car will stop and I can see that the rev meter also goes up and down.

    Any ideas whats causing this?

    I have a video of the rev meter but dont know how to upload it here?
  2. bertiebasset

    bertiebasset New Member

    Mine does exactly the same thing and posted on this forum a while ago about it. Nobody had an answer then but it would be good if anybody could shed any light on this problem.
  3. Legend7

    Legend7 Member

    I got a VAGCOM plugged in and the only errors I got were for 2 Glow plugs. Not sure if they would affect it?
  4. max69vk

    max69vk Active Member

    Check your vacuum system & pipework are all ok, There are various flaps & controls running off the same vacuum pump as the brakes & although there are one way vales etc in place, if one as failed or a pipe is leaking the brake servo could be robbing them of the required vaccum they require to operate correctly which in turn would make the systems they control do some random things.

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