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Juddering when accelerating in 5th.

jayden123 Nov 13, 2011

  1. jayden123

    jayden123 Member

    car starts to shake when pulling away. it has a remap
  2. dannyboy75

    dannyboy75 Member

    How many miles has your car done, and has it only done this since the remap?

    I had a similar sounding issue when I remapped my old A3 1.8T (which had done about 90k miles). After a couple of months the extra torque was making the clutch start to slip in higher gears, and I was also getting juddering from the dual mass flywheel at very low revs (i.e. when putting a lot of stress on the drivetrain). My local garage advised I get a new clutch as otherwise it could damage the DMF eventually.

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