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Juddering clutch

Graham555 Jun 13, 2013

  1. Graham555

    Graham555 Member


    I noticed when pulling away slowly from junctions, or traffic lights after stopping, I get a juddering that I can feel through the steering, as well as the noise can be easily heard in the car. The car has the dsg box and done 20k miles.

    Called the dealer who recommended that I call Audi Assist. He drove the car, agreed there was a problem, so after he entered his findings into his laptop, it came up with a possible cause. Also had a code against this type of fault. Car was booked in and now got the car back and all is fine.

    The double clutch pack was replaced as per the product info from Audi. The technical product information (TPI) code the technician mentioned is 2027884/7. This refers to juddering and hesitation in the lower gears, as well as the solution. Worth noting this if you are a DSG owner, as I am sure this must refer to other VAG models with the seven speed box.

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