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Jordy's 2001 Audi S3 Quattro 210 Yellow - 300 Bhp?

Jordysport Oct 9, 2011

  1. Jordysport

    Jordysport Member

    Hey all,
    Picked up my new car last weekend its a 2001 Audi S3 Quattro originally 210bhp model in yellow and it has had the following mods already done to it:

    - Powerflow 3" Decat (turbo back) exhaust system
    - SFS silicone Turbo pipes, vacuum pipes and Intake pipe
    - Open cone filter
    - Porsche Dealer Remap

    The boring stuff:

    129,000 miles
    Full service history (most Audi)
    Haldrex Filter and oil changed every 20k
    Cambelt, waterpump etc done at 80k
    Lots of reciepts for parts/repairs
    12 months Mot
    all for £3k not too shabby i though.

    then got it on the rolling road yesterday and heres the results, not sure how accurate they are as we had to just pull the fuse for the haldrex as it was sending drive all over the place when on the 4wd RR.


    pretty pleased with it seeing as there was probably alot of heat in the engine bay just getting sucked into the filter. so going to make up an enclosure like some other people have, then run a cold air feed to the fog lights when i get a FMIC. then will get a XS Power Manifold, and match it to the turbo and the DP, then another remap.

    But the current map is very good its running slightly richer than stoichiometric, and it keeps it pretty much lambda 1 all through the rev range. anyway thats the plans.

    are they achievable?...

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