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JOM Rear not low enough..

brenrogers Feb 28, 2011

  1. C17LJR

    C17LJR Member VCDS Map User

    bloody hell mate, sorry to hear that!

    any ideas who it was or anyone neighbours see anything?
  2. brenrogers

    brenrogers Member

    Happened in Manchester while I was in work... very gutted. Even a week later.
  3. simon.m

    simon.m Active Member

    and to think the audis have the anty jaking alarm so just shows how ppl will just walk on by evan if the car is beeping and flasing what a joke cant belive how ppl have changed now days gutted for you mate note to all get your wheels stampt i did this on my old cars when i changed the wheels stampet them with the reg of the car and my phone number trust me this works iv had ats call me one time asking if i ownd them as some had them on a car the reg did not match but id sold them to him lol

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