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JOM Coilovers - Rear Perch Adjustment Help Please

Dubs73 Jun 22, 2012

  1. Dubs73

    Dubs73 New Member

    Hi there all,

    I had some JOM coilovers fitted to my cab a few months back and they've all settled in, but too low for my liking. I've adjusted the fronts up and they now sit just where I'd like them to be; however, the rears need to come up by about 5mm. They're extremely hard work, and I'm willing to have another go now that all of the skin has grown back over my knuckles after the last few attemps.

    Does anyone have any tips for me on getting some more adjustment out of them without stripping down the back end? Or better still, is there anyone out there in the Chelmsford area that wouldn't mind giving me some directions please (and I don't mean where to get off lol). I'm not asking for someone do to the work, or muck in at all, just for someone to point out on the vehicle what needs to be done... honest. I'm struggling, and I'd like to get it done this weekend if the damned rain holds off.



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