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jobs scams!! beware

yellowgti Dec 16, 2008

  1. yellowgti

    yellowgti Whats going to break next??... VCDS Map User

    youve all heard of the ebay il buy ur car for my friend who isnt in the country for £3000 more than its worth etc...

    now theyve started doing it on job search sites.......

    a friend just sent me this asking for advice.....

    We are looking for someone to get the children ready in the morning, prepare and clear up the family's breakfast, make the beds, and take the children to school, which is about a 1.5km walk away. The au pair would then need to pick them up at 3.20 and look after them until we get home. We will ask the au pair to babysit 1-2 evenings a week. We have a really great cleaner, so there wouldn't be any heavy housework. There is a bit of light cleaning and laundry which would take about 90 minutes a day in total.There would be plenty of time free in the day to go to language school, and there are a lot of good ones in the area.
    How does the aupair live:The au pair would have her own room, which is huge, and has a double bed, with sitting area and TV/DVD/Video/Hifi. There is wireless broadband internet in the house.Working hours:07.30 to 09.00 and 1520 to 1930Plus about 60-90 minutes of housework a day to fit in with the au pair's schedule.
    25-30 hours a week
    I will like you to know that i will be paying you 1400 POUND for every four weeks and a pocket money of 300POUND per week for the buying of some things for your self and i will also be responsible for some of the funds for your traveling documents.

    she replied by email thinking it was real and got this back.......

    Hello ,Thanks for the mail ,yes i got your call but couldnt hear youclearly anyway i think you are very ok being my family aupair.letstalk about how you can make your arrangement down here if you don'thave visa and working permit.I want you to get in contact with thisagency Eastern Group Agency e-mail (markbouldertravel@hdrmut.net )..concerning any traveling document you need so you can start processingyou document and meet up with out luvly family.Am glad for youaccepting our generous offer and you welcome as our new au pair,Our luvly regards to you and everyone.Also my children cant wait to meetyou..Take good care of your self,Dr Robbin Klin

    must say for a doctor there punctuation and spelling isnt very good either and how can you trust somebody with ur kids who uve never spoken to, obviously a scam i managed to stop her getting back to them because the next stage was obviously sending them money for a visa or something

    pass it on so people are aware, obviously some sort of money scam!
  2. MintyS3

    MintyS3 Works 60% the time, Everytime.

    The poor children are probably waiting patiently for the reply! lol
  3. S3 Big Andy

    S3 Big Andy Stealth Beast Baby Yay

    Think I'll run an ad for a Au-pair too:

    Wanted Au-pair, six foot Blonde Hooters to die for body of an angel, to look after 1 male child bit of a handfull, needs rocking too sleep every night, will need lots of stimulation, Aural and physical, child has a mental age of 7 actual age 46, likes to play dressing up games, will pay nothing, nada, zip, zero, you can have your own basement room if interested please reply to: Serial Killers r us.com!

  4. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group


    Are you trying to kill yourself Andy? :racer:
  5. Nickynibbles

    Nickynibbles Damn it where's 7th gear when you need it?!

    Not neccesarily a job scam. My sister went to Italy about 10yrs ago as an au pair for a year. Family was a world renowned neuro-surgeon dad & mum was a GP, the point of having an au pair was for them to learn better english as well as for the little girl. Its not a given that because this blokes a doctor he should know fluent english! Simple rule of thumb is never to send money abroad eg for visa's, but if they're being introduced through a reputable au pair agengy then its likely to be legitimate. If its just a general advert then could be a little dodgy as your suspecting!
  6. benr

    benr Member

    £2600 every 4 weeks including living accomodation for a 25-30 hour week.

    Can i have the e-mail i wouldnt mind a job like this.

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