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JL Audio

drew67 Jul 15, 2007

  1. drew67

    drew67 New Member

    Hi there. Does anyone have any experience with JL audio components (particularly the VR525-CSi).

    I still can't make my mind up which way to go on upgrading my system. I've had the sympohony (old style not MP3 compatible) removed and my Alpine 7893 put in and am now wanting to uprade speakers. One compamy suggested Rainbows at about £130 (not fitted) for the front, coaxials in back and a sub (bazooka tube) in boot.

    Another said lprobably eave rear bose speakers upgrade front to the VR 525's see how it goes, then consider a sub. The VR's fitted leaving the rears and maintaing the bose sub for the time being was quoted at £370. A JL sub and amp at £500 and if I did want some JL coaxials in the back they could do those for £200 fitted.

    Any thoughts? I know everyone seems to rave about the Andy Mac sub but mine is a 2005 A3 and not available at present.

    I also want to be able for it to be put back to the OEM Bose system when I sell it in 3-5 years for as little cost as possible so I can take most if not all of the more expensive items to my next car.........yes cake and eat it I know
  2. dualmono21

    dualmono21 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    personally id look at the rainbow components
    at the £130 there isnt much to come close to them at the moment
    id also advise to spend a little on sound deadening to get the best from the speakers

    sub wise the jl audio subs are good even the entry level will work well in the correct sized enclosure
  3. drew67

    drew67 New Member

    Well the JL VR components are now fitted and even better they put 6.5's in as there were 6.5 Bose speakers in originally (thought they were going to be 5.25's.). Unique in Lightwater fitted them and were impressed with the front doors saying they were a lot better than those on the 8L A3. Needed very little Dynamat which they included without charging extra..........also saved me a job.

    Sound very nice, thought i would still want the rear speakers for a bit of fill in so left the Bose in the back but now have them faded forward.

    Will see how they go for a few weeks before I decide whether or not to get a JL W3 10" sub and an amp in the boot and diconnect the rears completely.

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