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Jewelultra diamondbrite stage 1&2 poilish ...opinions pls

faisal Feb 14, 2005

  1. faisal

    faisal New Member

    is this stuff any good, seen some on ebay....is it worth getting ?....
    I've heard Dealerships offer this on new cars...is it just a gimmick or Autoglym Super Resin Polish good enough...?
  2. bainsyboy

    bainsyboy Guest

    get it its brilliant I have got it on my car, wash chammy relax thats it. Mate does car spraying and done it for me, when i asked about putting it on my old audi he advised against it as paint has to be spotless and he suggested that it needs to go on new cars virtually as soon as you get it. If i wanted it on my old audi he advised that car would have to be polished or buffed to get oxiedized pant off and swirls. Definately worth the money i suggest you try the company direct as they do sell, they are in aylesford kent i best not post phone number or how much i paid as i reckon some one will moan and this post will be removed but i got 1 litre of each for about 200 cigarettes uk price.I hope this helps.
  3. big.buoy

    big.buoy New Member

    I have just posted a reply about it, search for Diamondbrite!

    I will say that I love the stuff and if you're going to get it, go through ebay, but make sure you buy the sachets, then you know it's the proper stuff.

    Also you will need to get conserver to apply once a month but it isn't anywhere as tough as polishing.

    Also waxes are really harsh to paintwork and you will see this on older cars where over zealous polishing has left the paintwork/laquer very dull and in need of re-spraying.

    nuff said really!:arco:

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