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jealousy is a *****

mikeyboy Nov 2, 2012

  1. mikeyboy

    mikeyboy S-line

    I got speaking to a work colleauge earlier today about cars & he was basically trying to tell me that japanese cars are better than german cars. I instantly laughed at him & told him he was talking ********, to which he said "the germans lost the war". Hahahahaha! I certainly dont recall the germans fighting the japanese! So i then listed the good names of Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes benz, Porsche & the Bugatti veyron compared to the likes of Honda, Toyota, Mitsibushi, Subaru etc. But he still kept banging on about how jap cars are the best ( he has a 2004 Honda civic 1.6 by the way). Then my boss chipped in saying that my 2006 A3 2.0 TDI is "just a car, it has four wheels and it go's" basically trying to say it's nothing special ( he drives a 2002 Volvo V40 1.9D estate that fails it's mot every year & he gets repaired with aftermarket parts!). So at the end of this comical conversation I just laughed at the pair of them and just bit my tounge and said nothing. Now come on, since when has jap **** been better than german build quality lol. And as for my boss with the clapped out volvo, enjoy your next mot!
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  2. GvZ

    GvZ Member

    Quattro lead to Japanese copying and making Impreza and LAN EVO. Good cars but they are bunches of plastic. Not comfortable for everyday...
    Toyota made decent cars but still... plastic... the sub/toy brz/86 is cool and cheap but quality :S
    Nissan has the 370Z and the GTR... but Nissan = Renault = French...
    Lexus was originally a Mercedes copycat and improved but still... doesn't have the aura.

    PS: Veyron are made by Germans in France :p because Bugatti is French. :')
  3. krisavant

    krisavant Active Member

  4. mikeyboy

    mikeyboy S-line

    Yeah i know bugatti is french but what i was trying to say is that VW own bugatti thus german.
    I think what annoyed me the most was that this colleauge & my boss were trying to tell me what a good car is when they have absoloutely ****e cars lol. They would love to have an Audi but just because they dont they thought the best tactic was attack. Jealous *******s! LOL
  5. mikeyboy

    mikeyboy S-line

  6. sidibear

    sidibear Looking for Zombies !! Staff Member Moderator Audi A4

    When you look at German engineering, have a look at how long its been around. Take for instance the Messerschmitt versus Spitfire engines. Now the Spit had the mighty carbed Merlin V12, while the Schmitt had an inverted V12 with fuel injection.
    I was watching a tank program once and they compared the German Tiger with the modern Abrams US battle tank, the conclusion was that if you take the electronics and computer controls off the Abrams then they are pretty much equally matched in the theatre of battle, the Abrams had the slight edge with its Chobham armour.
    Not bad for a 75 yr old bit of Kraut engineering.
    The far east are well known for copying others ideas, they may do it cheaper, but its not as good.

    WAFTER Member

    Let me guess, that boss of yours goes camping, buys his clothes in charity shops, his food at Idl, doesn't use deodrant or aftershave, never washes that Volvo or drives it faster than 40mph, lives in a semi or council house with a dog of a wife or maybe alone, and harbours a bitterness that when all is said and done he is a the loser
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  8. the_cueball

    the_cueball Active Member

    but they are right... it's just a car... I really can't imagine anyone being jealous of an A3 oil burner, sorry OP.

    just because people aren't interested in the same things as you, or are perceived to know less than you about your interest, doesn't make them jealous...

    german build quality.... hmmmmm... I think my German cars over the years (VW, Audi, BMW) have given me more issues than my jap cars (Nissan, Subaru, Lexus, Mitsubishi)

    I mean, audi can't seem to make decent screws for number plate lights, washer bottles, or even water tight cars.... talk to me again about this legendary build quality?!?!? LOL

    Youll be telling me next Rolex are good watches...... hahahahaha.....
  9. 16Klappe

    16Klappe I <3 Panda's! Supporter

    This thread is great.
  10. mikeyboy

    mikeyboy S-line

    So if you think Audis build quality is not any good why do you have an S8 & an S4? You didn't just buy one Audi you bought two. Explain?
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  11. mikeyboy

    mikeyboy S-line

    Lol no nothing like that he is actually a good & down to earth guy. He just rattled my cage that day when he said my car is "just a car".
  12. Pops848

    Pops848 Active Member

    If you say to a car entusiast a car is just a car... no matter what you drive, it will rattle your cage. Best to just let it go and enjoy the drive home in your Audi.

    Many cars have good points, the hondas have fantastic engines, they really do last a lifetime. Granted a german engine will likely last a lot longer, but when you price a honda and an Audi, the price difference can be quite a bit. So if a honda engine lasts 150k or more, then that is good value for money.

    What I hate in jap cars is the dash feels like my wheelie bin
  13. WAFTER

    WAFTER Member

    Having just come from a Honda S2000 purchased new in 2006 and with 'domestic management' putting her foot down and not allowing me to keep it whilst buying an A3 cab. as a more practical means of transport your remarks regarding Honda and Jap. cars resonate.
    The engineering that went in to the S2000 was breathtaking, the attention to detail, the quality of materials used, and the little details such as no raw metal edges anywhere, and the screws and clips and fittings beautifully made. Open the bonnet and the red crackle finished cam cover was straight out of a classic '60's sports car, even a Ferrari. Agree the dashboard was a bit bland with acres of black plastic and leather particularly in front of the passenger. AS for the performance and engine Oh Wow! eat your heart out the poseurs in their Porsche's.
    Best of all as opposed to supposedly 'prestige' brands such as Audi/Mercedes etc Honda is classless.
    The Audi is as well built and does have a nicer interior but I know I'm paying through the nose because of the name, better that than enduring the stigma of being a BMW driver though.
  14. Ben S3 8P3

    Ben S3 8P3 Member

    Yeh I have to agree with cueball, I am sure they aren't jealous of a TDI A3, but in terms of engineering, there is no argument
  15. ScottishA4B9

    ScottishA4B9 Well-Known Member Team Daytona Audi A4 S-line owners group TDi saloon

    Japanese cars are designed to be reliable...............over the 100,000 miles max that they are designed for. They are a white good and the Japanese design them to be thrown away by then.

    German cars are over engineered (hence more expensive to repair) and built to last longer than that! Hence you see all those Mercedes Taxis etc in mainland Europe with 500,000 plus miles.

    I've had quite a few of both Japanese (Suzuki, Subaru x2, Honda) and German (BMW, Audi x2) and I've had good things and bad things with both. I think German cars are abit better put together as apposed to cheap plastics etc in Japanese cars.
  16. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    New (read 2004 on!) audi cars are nothing like the old models, go 10-20 years ago and the cars made then by the Krauts were as reliable as they could be- nearly got Mercedes bankrupt at one point ! New cars are just designed to be recycled after the 5 years life span when the electronics start to age ! Take for instance the "new" 1.6 Tdi audi as fitted to the a1,a3,etc, it's old predecessor (either if you look at the 1.6 IDI or 1.9 IDI) was 2 times better engineered and much more fuel efficient ! The rods in the old 1Z engine had bronze bushes, the 1.6 Tdi does not !
  17. @udi A3

    @udi A3 Site Sponsor Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    He bought 2 in case one failed.

    Seriously, i think the op is actually jealous the way he rants, there is really no need, a car is just a car that goes from a to b and thats it :D
  18. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Wow, I now why I didn't see this thread, think Toms right, lol.
  19. T3nnant

    T3nnant Active Member

    I have an audi i love it, so comfortable, drives well and looks good.
    Parts are rather expensive and usually always a stupid sensor that lets it down and costs hundreds.

    I love jap, reliable, cheap and so fun.
    Supra's, skylines and evo's the engines are bulletproof very fun cars to own drive.
    Fast, cheap to maintain and modify, sadly running them and insuring costs alot.

    I have German now, and to be honest if in a couple years time i can afford to buy and run an RS4 id have one.
    But my plan from now is to go jap.

    Everyone has their own opinion both good and bad reasons for each manufacturer, but until youve owned both its hard to say.
    As for your work buddy, he has a 1.6 civic.... Its not even boosted so he has no say in the matter.
  20. Gaz!

    Gaz! Member

    I have both. I've had may Jap cars and my seconded Audi. I will only buy German or Japanese. Nothing else compares.

    However, there is a difference, Audi's are well built and the performance ones do shift, but they are boring euro boxes. They drive brilliantly and perform, even look smart, they don't set your hair alight.

    Jap cars, every time you drive a performance Jap car it is an explosion of emotion, an event. Built with engineering poise and precision. I call it the grin factor, when you open the taps and give it some, the size of the grin is the difference. (Performance Jap cars, not run of the mill stuff)

    When I had my Supra, I did a quick swap with a work mate who had an S4. 2 weeks later he bought a supra. Don't get me wrong, I do like my German cars (not BMW) but for a real performance drive, without spending silly money, Jap cars have it.
  21. skyinsurance

    skyinsurance Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    Nissan GTR.
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  22. BigWillyStyle

    BigWillyStyle Member

  23. WAFTER

    WAFTER Member

    Amen to that. My 1990 Mazda MX-5 & 2006 Honda S2000 were cars that touched my soul and were a joy to look at and drive. Every drive was an event, each car had character. My A3 Cab. is more comfortable and better equipped & I suppose from the front and front three-quarter view it's nice enough to look at, but it's soulless. Can't wait to move on to the new Boxster as the Japs currently have nothing to equal past convertible glories.
  24. spats

    spats New Member

    I went off owning a jap motor after trying to change a set of discs and pads on an old accord.

    you have to remove the drive shaft to do the discs for gods sake!

    what kind of sadistic ******* makes the drive shaft part of a brake disc change!!!

    althought saying that I would sell my soul for a Honda NSX!
  25. Furkz

    Furkz Active Member

    thing is your boss drives a Volvo and you got a audi, so basically your boss can have a an audi too because hes your boss and surely earns more, so hes probably not jealous and probably winding you up because hes life is dull in his volvo
  26. ESD1711

    ESD1711 Active Member

    Each marque of car has its stengths.

    Each also has its weaknesses.

    Each has its pro's.

    Each has its con's.

    To argue why one is 'better' than t'other will really come down to personal preference or what you're looking for from your car. But ultimately, there's no right answer and therefore its a pointless debate.
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  27. Chriscooke

    Chriscooke Clueless!

    I love my a4 as its practical and comfortable. It is however heavy, understeers for a past time and is relatively slow even being 1.8t 180bhp Quattro. My 200sx is my baby though as the driving experience is so raw plus its fairly rapid.

    I don't understand why people would be jealous of other people's cars especially when not a top spec model like an rs3,4,6 etc. respect others cars but be jealous.... No.
  28. -Keith-

    -Keith- Member

    I've driven German cars all my life. 7 x BMWs, 2 x VWs, and now bought the wife an Audi S3. I prefer their quality 'feel' and offerings in terms of spec and engines. I suppose image does come into it too (rightly or wrongly). They are what I want in a car and I will continue to drive German for many years to come.

    But... My parents and brother have always driven Japenese. Honda's and Toyota's mainly. And I can honestly say between them they have had less in the way of faults that I ever have. Ive never had anything big like engine / gearbox failure, but German cars often seem to have sensors/electronic fail or mechanical wear, whereas the (much cheaper) Jap cars seem to tick along and want for nothing over the same age/mileages.

    Make of that what you will.

    As a huge German marque fanboy, I've given loyal exclusivity to my beloved BMW/Vag cars since I passed my test (many moons ago), but that's just choice and I cannot deny that the Japanese do make some incredibly reliable and trustworthy cars, even though they are often half/two-thirds the price. They may not offer the final word in luxury or build 'feel', but they know how to put together a decent car that will last for very reasonable money.
  29. S3quatt

    S3quatt Flat Oot like a ducks Foot VCDS Map User


    The Japs were renowned for sadistic punishments a few years ogo...

    Thinking about it, as a kid growing up in the eighties, no one ever had a poster of a Nissan up on their wall...

    Food for thought.
  30. gen.heinz guderian

    gen.heinz guderian Well-Known Member

    That is because by the time the camera had been set up the car had rotted away lol
  31. CHEZ

    CHEZ moderately amusing Supporter

    good thread! :cool:
    i keep having a similar argument with my boss at work! lol
    he drives a mondeo derv estate around 2 years newer than my a4, he keeps bleeting on about my car is overpriced, over rated, just a skoda, its 7 years old etc etc!
    i reply with, my car is worth more than his even though older, my car does not depreciate as badly as his in value for a reason, my car is well better built than his as i have no squeaks or rattles, my car is faster than his, and his car is just a taxi!
    this guy constantly bites, and for good reason, jealously!
    i have owned jap cars and fords and in comparison the audi is head and shoulders above in fit and finish!
    ok, every car has its gremlins to a degree but these are reflected later on in resale value!
    audi's hold there value for a reason!, they are well built simple as! and desirable!
    never before have i owned a car with so much sound proofing, attention to detail and quality parts!, compare thickness of a wing from an audi to a ford and there you go!, the weight of an a4 to a mondeo and there you go!
    shut an audi door and "thunk", shut a nissan, ford or renault door and "bang"! :noway:
    the old adage, you get what you pay for!
    but regards to jardo's comment on "audi cannot even build number plate screws", well audi do not build screws, they are manufactured by a supplier and not the end of the world to replace!
    i work for a jap manufacturing company that builds parts for audi, and just to sum up, audi are way ahead in quality control!
    they are our strictest customer we have regarding quality and we manufacturer for merc renault/nissan peugeot/citroen and toyota aswell as vag! but audi are the most stringent!
  32. turbonutz

    turbonutz Active Member

    German 1st fave jap 2nd if have both depending on what I want out a car and what I want to spend on it happily have a belter of amerc c class amg or a 10 yo honda civic type r depending on how much money a could afford to put there. As it is am happy to bits with ma s3, still see cars a droll over right enough but see cars I laugh at also however. Next step tho gunna be a a4/a5 of some form once a get speed freak out me haha
  33. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    This is how my dad got me into German metal. Many moons ago, he had an 'A' reg Passat, and he pointed to the tyres to me, he said looks at those tyres son, look how wide they are, Ford wouldn't fit this wide a tyre on their cars, wider tyres = more grip! lol

    I've been a VAG fan since!
  34. turbonutz

    turbonutz Active Member

    Lol a been a s3 fan after an old 8l spanked ma older brothers mitsi gallant evo edition when a was a young kid ha

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