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JBS05 K04 Hybrid Turbo Upgrade

JBS Alec Nov 3, 2007

  1. JBS Alec

    JBS Alec Guest

    We have been looking at creating a hybrid K04 turbo upgrade that will be able to produce around 320-340bhp and we believe we have found it!

    The turbos specifications have been decided, the turbo has been built and now waiting to be fitted to a demo car next week to prove the expected gains with a standard manifold and then with our tubular collected manifold design.

    We expect this turbo to be capable of up to a 2.0bar spike and hold 1.4bar across the rev range.

    Here are a few of the JBS05 specs:
    Modified compressor housing inlet
    C.N.C re-profiled compressor cover for high flow
    350bhp capable “billet” custom compressor wheel
    Modified seal plate
    360 degree performance thrust bearing
    Hybrid K04 large trim left hand thread turbine wheel
    Lightening and balancing of turbine wheel for faster ‘spool up’
    Modified turbine housing
    Up-rated twin turbine seals
    Cryogenically treated components
    10psi wategate actuator set up with the option to upgrade


    We will be offering these turbos as an exchange basis or as outright new turbos. The prices of exchange and new units are yet to be confirmed.

    I will post up an update of performance figures/Rolling Road graphs with our JBS05 turbo fitted with a standard and JBS tubular collected manifolds.


    JBS Team
  2. andybnwc

    andybnwc Member

    will these be available for B5 S4s ?
  3. JBS Sales

    JBS Sales Member

    Sorry they are a different turbo set up to the B5 S4

    Please give me a call on 01246 455005 as I can offer you hybrid turbos for the B5 S4

    Here is a price update on the JBS05 turbo:

    BRAND NEW JBS05 turbo unit (not exchange) £1150.00+VAT

    Exchange basis JBS05 (as long as the old unit is in useable condition) £850+VAT

    JBS Tubular Collected manifold (not equal length) £450+VAT

    Custom-Code Phase 3 mapping £550+VAT (reduced from £650)

    Fitting of the manifold and turbo can be done for an extra £279.45+VAT - This includes labour, gaskets, oil, oil filter and coolant.
  4. JBS Alec

    JBS Alec Guest


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