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Jbs Best Of The Best Promotion Day.

Ballcrusher Sep 30, 2007

  1. Ballcrusher

    Ballcrusher NO CAT JUST 3" STRAIT THREW

    JBS Auto Designs are holding day long events for both Seat and Skoda on Saturday the 20th October along with a VW and Audi on Saturday 27th October.

    These will be action packed with Rolling Road runs, test drives and super discounted phase one mapping by Custom-Code. Servicing and performance parts for the two makes of the day will also be available at discounted rates. This includes bookings made on the day for the following four weeks.

    Some of the finest big turbo and highly modified cars have already been invited and will be on show, not to mention the full range of JBS big turbo kits in the flesh for closer inspection. The JBS team will also be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

    Not only this but weather permitting there will be a BBQ, along with refreshments and cakes available come rain or shine! This alone sounds like a fantastic reason to make the trip to JBS AUTO DESIGNS in Chesterfield.

    Now for the best bit, for these two days ONLY we are proud to present the TWO FOR ONE offer on Custom-Code phase one and Rolling Road runs. Yes, TWO FOR ONE on the finest software available.

    In return for this fantastic offer, JBS is asking for the best of the best presented of the vehicles attending to be filmed on the Rolling Road, in our workshops as well as running on the road for the latest JBS Auto Designs DVD.

    Please phone us on 01246 455005/4 or send me a PM to book your place. Be quick to avoid disappointment. Please bear in mind that if you wish to take advantage of the two for one offer you must both come on the same day and notify us who your discount partner will be for the day, in advance.

    All the best,

    JBS and C-C Team.

    New Info:

    We will be Rolling Road testing 4-5 big/hybrid turbo cars and booking ten customers cars in for a Rolling Road run on both days so book early to avoid disappointment.

    Edit 28/09/07: As people have been asking for 2 for 1 on Phase 2 maps we decided to offer 20% discount each for two people having the phase 2 done on the same day for cars that fall in the same price bracket. For example 1.8 20VT DBW RRP £564.00 with 20% £451.20 - Saving of £112.80 per map.
  2. voorhees

    voorhees Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team V8 Audi S5 s tronic


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