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Jamex coilovers/lowering question

mitalm Jun 6, 2010

  1. mitalm

    mitalm Audi A3


    So i'm thinking about doing some stuff to my car over the summer, one of them being lowering it.

    I have searched around and seen quite a few positive things about the Jamex coilovers. What are people's opinions after they've been installed for a few months?

    I have never really gotten my hands dirty with my car and am wishing to start this summer because I've always wanted to just never been brave enough, do you think that fitting coilovers is a good first project on my car?

    Currently also have 18" wheels on the car so am wondering how low I can go without any scraping/rubbing or any problems really?

    So yeah any thoughts and opinions appreciated :)


  2. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    Jamex coilovers are great, I've been using them for around 6 months now and I love them. They go plenty low enough, and give a good ride.

    I'd say fitting them would be a great start to working on your own car, it's a straight forward job at both ends, if a little move involved at the front.; If you set aside a weekend to do them, and take your time and don't rush, you'll probably find you get it done in a good days work.

    Wheel size won't be an issue with regards to scraping, the problem will be your anti roll bar.

    Past about 40mm lowering you will find the ARB knocks on the driveshaft quite loudly. The only solution to this is to fit an uprated ARB with larger hoops to clear the shaft
  3. mitalm

    mitalm Audi A3

    Awesome glad to hear.

    Yeah I was planning a weekend of car up and sending wheels of for refurb etc so just get everything done in one :)

    I doubt I'll be going any more than 40mm lower because I have speed bumps up my road that are a pain in the **** (literally).

    Thanks for the reply.

    So did you get yours off ebay or somewhere else. I've seen a complete fitting kit for £215 I think. Did you find that you needed anything else when you went to fit?

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