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Jaguar ECU remapping.

clem2192 May 27, 2010

  1. clem2192

    clem2192 Member


    My old man has recently purchased a Jag (2008 2.2D Soverign) and was interested to see if there was a company who carried out ECU remapping for this car, (similar to REVO etc for VAG).

    I have done a search on the internet and found this company http://www.jaguarremap.co.uk/ they are based in West Yorkshire but they do a mobile remapping option for £250!!!

    To me that seems really cheap for a mobile remap compared to the likes of REVO & Superchips etc and am a bit worried about the reputation and quality of the product!

    Does anyone know this company or any other jaguar remapping specialists?!

  2. Dont be woried

    i used to remap cars myself and the difference between a "standard" remap from joe bloggs and a "standard" remap from a reputable mapper is about £500 and no dofference in performance or economy, trust me!

    it WILL be the best £250 you ever spent mate.

    i used to map a lot of ST diesel mondeos (same engine, sorry lol!) and the midrange torque os unbelevable!!!!

    pm me if i can help you any more but i dont do remapping anymore im afraid.

  3. basicaly in laymans terms...... the basic remap opens up the factory peramiters for fuel/boost that the manufaturers backed off to save on drivetrain and engine longivety if that makes sense, so the info is already in there and its just like flicking a switch from economy to power if you catch me, no matter who does it its still the same switch yeh?!


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