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Jag Drivers

grathies Jan 14, 2008

  1. grathies

    grathies More Points Than Portsmouth FC

    Quite specific this one. Jag Drivers on the A34.

    Sunday I went to visit a friend in Bristol, so on the way back I peel off the M4 and onto the A34 to the M3. Firstly I got stuck behind some **** in a Transit. Not a go at Van drivers, BUT its frustraiting to have one infront of you, who then attemtps to undertake the car he was tailgating, only to discover he cant accelerate much more. Kept pulling out infront of me and I cant see round a solid van.

    Anyway, once I waited for him to pull over again I got along side so he could pop back out. This is when I met Mr S-Type.

    Now Ive noticed this alot recently when traveling anywhere, but Jag drivers are on their own little planet. This bloke was travelling marginally quicker than the cars in the left lane but becasue he had a Jag deemed it nessecary to sit in the outside lane. I decided to have a little experiment with this, so waited till we passed the car he was then I pulled over. Hmmm no other cars infront as far as the eye can see and yet the Jags still there. 2miles later and he's stilll there, so I slip past him, to be greeted by him flashing me and waving his hand about. It was a bit of an ambiguous manover but he was just sitting there.

    It really does seem to the untrained eye that when you buy a Jag your handed some kinda 'Key To The Highway', where as to the trained eye the majority of them are just old upperclass wannabes who think because they have been driving for 50years all is well with how they drive.

    Noticed this round my town as well, Jag drivers just pootling along without a care in the world about other cars trying to make some kinda progress. I was stuck behind one who did 20mph in clear open 30s.

    While Im on the subject, Middle Lane. Noticed this is one of their habitats too. Whenever I drive on the motorway I always get right back over to the left as soon as I can, more than anything its harder for the police to spot me speeding in the inside lanes. Ive found myself coming up on middle-laners and either buzzing them on the inside if its clear, or it not moving out two lanes around them, then with the words most blatent indication pulling back across 3 lanes in the vain hope they will think "Hmmm, maybe I shouldnt be just dawdling in the middle of the road"

    Ive got loads of other travelling stuff of my chest but will leave that for my colum!
  2. TDI-line

    TDI-line Uber Post Whore Team Floret Silver quattro Audi A3 Black Edition TDi

    Have to agree with you, i too have a deep irrational hatred for Jag drivers.

    Where i used to live, there this guy who had a big jag and insisted on parking across all four parking bays. Tosser. Until his girlfriend kicked him out off their council home, he now drives a very old vectra.
  3. Nickynibbles

    Nickynibbles Damn it where's 7th gear when you need it?!

    Perhaps he'd traded in his BMW 5-series for the Jag!! Know what you mean ref the dual-carriageway-fast-lane-hoggers, they probably are the same people who cruise in the middle lane of the motorway as well! It takes all sorts of cars though to do this & I have to admit sometimes the frustration has made me undertake when the situation presents itself. It is dangerous though so cant condone it, if they suddenly pull over they've got a good case to pass blame to you, plus its illegal!

    Had a guy in a new'ish A3 do this to me on the A303 last year when I was on my motorbike (see avatar pic). Guess the guy was in his 20's with missus in passenger seat, followed him at about 71mph overtaking some things, and moved over when my junction was approaching, he didnt move over so i accelerated past him, only for him to accelerate to catch up, window down shouting something with an embarrased missus with head in hands! I mean why, he wasnt going anywhere and I can do 70-100mph (on a private road!) in a blink of an eye so he's got no chance! Its not like i'd appeared from nowhere and wizzed past him!! Even 4-ringers can be ring pieces it seems!!
  4. grathies

    grathies More Points Than Portsmouth FC

    Know what you mean on that one, Im a biker first but moved to cars for personal reasons, and I used to get frustrated even with the faster drivers when I was on my bike because they were still dawdling! It was always the middle lane drivers deciding to overtake another middle-laner and pulling out into the outside lane without looking that nearly used to see me get taken off my Kawasaki on the M27 unless I was 110% vigial and cautious.

    Ive noticed more prominant lane hogging in an around the Hampshire area to, when Im travelling about its not as pronounced but anywhere round here seems to be full of stubborn and slow people with poor lane discipline and manners. I know undertaking is illegal but then if youve planned your manover right and their sticking to their lane Ill do it when nessecary, Ive gotta get somewhere usually!

    Cant really make out your Avatar, is that a B1H?
  5. Kontraband

    Kontraband Active Member

    I agree also with the above comments... always find me in the nearest side lane possible... as has been mentioned, I imagine Mr Plod isnt looking for any speeders there. EIther way tho, still take full care when changing lanes, especially for the bikers that feel the whitelines are a personal lane for them to fly up with the courier case flappin in the wind. ;)

    Re undertaking though, is it only illegal if the other lane is moving slower?? Or am I imagining that one??
  6. grathies

    grathies More Points Than Portsmouth FC

    Well as I see it, if your in the inside lane doing 65 and the person in the middle lane 60, then your not breaking any law by staying in that lane

    The issue isnt so much with you going down the inside, its more when you go down the inside to then go and overtake afterwards, so moving in and out of the lane. If you were in that lane to begin with, and stay in that lane, undertake a car, then stay in that lane to the next junction then come off, I dont see how that could stand up in court to be honest

    And Id agree some bikers treat the white line as a private lane and thats dodgey, I have to navigate the A27 everyday which is a total nightmare and Ive seen so many accidents from bikers not being seen, but they were doing 30-40 thru traffic which is dangerous

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