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Jacking up S4

Trev241 Jun 19, 2012

  1. Trev241

    Trev241 Member

    Has anyone purchased and used the Protech side lift jack pad from Pure Motorsport in the US. I would like to order one but they only accept PayPal transactions.
    From what I see online they are conmen when it comes to exchange rates, having never used PayPal I would like hear from someone familiar with the system.

  2. l5tuy

    l5tuy Member

    As far as i'm aware Paypal are owned by Ebay and was set up to make purchases from Ebay safer and easier, although seem to have taken off for a general on-line money 'middle man'. Safe and secure to use (however not fool proof, people can always scam) only issues realy arise when sending money to individual people, dealing with companies is pretty safe.

    Basically the model of Paypal is you place money into your account (usually from your bank) and then you can purchase goods through paypal, like an independant middle man, safe in the knowledge if it goes wrong Paypal will sort it all out and refund where required. Pretty expensive to use if you are the person recieving the money though.

    l 5tuy
  3. Gazzaflem

    Gazzaflem Member

    Yes Paypal is similar to credit card in that the exchange rate they give isn't the best but you do have the added insurance that if there is a problem they get your money back! My wife bought some fake Uggs from China which looked like they were legite from the Uk and when she complained to Paypal they got her money back! So a part off what you are paying is like insurance money :thumbsup:

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