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Jack Point for Control arm replacement

schwarm May 30, 2010

  1. schwarm

    schwarm New Member

    Hi all, this is my first post after just being a reader for a long time so please go easy. i'll start by saying i searched but couldn't find the answer (I know people hate it when other don't search).

    I need to replace the lower rear control arms on both sides (audi service inspection report) which is fine, i have bought the new ones going to do the work asap but where can i jack the whole front of the car up and place some axle stands? during my searching someone recomended the point at which the lower rear arm joins the subframe for the stands, brilliant if i wasn't wanting to change that exact part (and may need to lower the subframe mount slightly to get the bloody bolt out) so does anyone have any ideas?

    In brief i am hoping for a single lift point on the front so i can put the stands in at the same time and lower onto them... anyone know of anything?

    for the interested it is a B6 1.9tdi 130

    any help is much appreciated!
  2. yendall24

    yendall24 Member

    hi mate i recently done this job on my car so i will tell you exactly what i done . there is a strenghened part on the sill that is designed to take the jack that comes with the car you can put your trolley jack under this area with no issues i always put a peice of MDF on top of the trolley jack pad to prevent metal to metal contact dont use normal wood as i have known this to split . then jack the car up to the desired height and put your axle stand as close as possible to the trolley jack pad again use MDF on top of the axle stand . once you have done this lower the car very very slowly now go round to the other side and do exactly the same try and get someone to keep an eye on the first axle stand to make sure it does not move when you are lowering the other side . also one other tip is when you replace the sub frame bolts on the lower arms put them in the opposite way so in the future you will not have to lower the sub frame to remove them . hope this helps good luck
  3. schwarm

    schwarm New Member

    cheers for the reply, if the sills will take the weight with the stands (wood protection included) i will do what you recommended but i will jack both sides up at the same time, just need to find a friend to give me a hand and remember to do it very slowly!

    out of interest though does anyone know if there is a central point in which to jack the whole front end of the car?

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