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JabbaSport IHI VF34 turbo kit

simch May 14, 2012

  1. simch

    simch Active Member

    I have some parts left after my BT 8L S3 went back to stock. Basically I have a Jabbasport IHI VF34 turbo kit, with a new clocked turbo, Jabbasport manifold, Oil feed line (new), Pipewerx DP and Cat, with both lamda sensors. TIP, and Proalloy FMIC kit, that has some knock damage to the bottom edge but which cannot be seen on the car and which does not leak. Also various miscellneous odds and ends to go with. Looking for £900 collected from Brackley, Northants, too big and too much of it to post. Bargain, a new ProAlloy intercooler alone is £700 odd....

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