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j519 central Elec module LOWLINE to HIGHLINE conversion

Noddy786 Jul 20, 2013

  1. Noddy786

    Noddy786 Member

    hello peeps,

    just did a lowline to highline conversion of the central elec module on my a4 b7(swapped a K module for a N module)...but my rear fogs no longer work...and the coming home function i installed only the rear lights work for it...nothing at the front (LOL thread on here has been bashed tryna get them to work) but neway...after doing research on the module swap i found that the wiring does vary slightly from low - high...was wondering if anyone had both wiring diagrams with the pin layouts so i can compare and see what needs changing?

    found some old threads of people who have done this but the links for the flow diagrams are outdated and no longer work.

    any help would be much appreciated as ive got my MOT coming up and need the rear fogs to be working

  2. a6_chris

    a6_chris Well-Known Member

    I take it you've had it coded to the same it was?
  3. Noddy786

    Noddy786 Member

    Yes chris, codes been copied from old module to new. Everything else seems to be working fine
  4. Noddy786

    Noddy786 Member


    this is the wiring schematic that gaz initially posted for the ch/lh wring...ive decided to check the whole diagram to my car as his is highline.

    everything is the same apart from:
    J519 pin 30 ------> e491 pin 3 should be a wire
    my pin 30 is EMPTY and pin 3 on e491 has a grey + yellow wire but havnt followed to see where it leads


    j519 pin 29 -------> pin 7 &15 of E1 should be a wire
    all 3 Pins are EMPTY on mine.

    These are the only 2 differences? would i possibly need to run additional wires to replicate the diagram?
    cant find one for lowline to beable to compare them...
  5. tetskoma

    tetskoma New Member

    Sorry to dig out the old topic.

    Did you manage to sort this out problem.
    I did try the wiring you mentioned, but still doesn't work.

    Could you advise me how to solve this rear fog problem, please.



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