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J(92) Audi 80 Sport Intermittent fault

clarkee123 Nov 17, 2003

  1. clarkee123

    clarkee123 New Member

    I have recently bought a J reg Audi 80 Sport. All was well untill about a month ago when the engine would stop, all lights would go out except for the stop light and all I would be left with is power steering and brake servos. This would last about a second and then complete power was restored although sometimes it would repeatedly do it over a period of about five seconds or until I dipped the clutch and gave it a hammering. I was thinking it might be the ignition relay although on checking this it appeared to be switching happily. Annoyingly it did not do it when the guy at the garage had a go. He said if anything it was more powerful than the average 80 sport although he could see no mods to the ECU which doesn't surprise me because I bought it off an elderly gentleman who had it from new. Apart from this problem the car is mint with everything as it should be. Last week however the temperature warning light locked on and the problem has stopped. This is'nt ideal but I can live with it since the car doesn't really deviate from 90deg Celsius on long runs. The car is by far the best car I have driven including newer cars.

    Sorry for the essay but if anyone has a clue please could they let me know Cheers.
  2. gags100

    gags100 Member

    hi Clarkee, I too have this model and wont part with it. I have recently spent a grand on the car when i could have bought a another car. Iam learning about the car as well, so if i can help i will, you could try disconnecting the E.C.U. for 24 hours, and it should return to factory settings. it worked ot an extent on mine.if that doesnt work i will ask a friend who owns an audi garage.

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