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I've sold it! A4 1.8T SE final thoughts/review

AndymacA4 Sep 2, 2009

  1. AndymacA4

    AndymacA4 Member

    Okay, I've sold my A4. I have had it 1 year and in that time I have had highs and lows with it. So, to sign off, my review of the car, the marque and the experience.

    First it was a 2001 Audi A4 1.8T SE in Merlot red met. I owned it for 11 months all in, in that time it needed 8 (2 pairs on both axles) tyres over 11,000 miles. It needed 2 services, one full and one interim. I was miffed that the service length is only 9000 miles.

    I fitted the 312mm discs up front, rear parking sensors and cruise control and I had the car ST3 tuned with high torque and fast road maps.

    As standard the A4 has some significant weaknesses. I found it to be very nose heavy, especially when you try and give it some welly on country lanes. The ESP is invasive and over compensates. The steering is too vague and lacks feel.

    The ownership experience involved a number of visits to my Audi dealer. I found them to be difficult and often very dismissive. My local Audi dealer has no dedicated parts, service or sales departments, instead you must wait in a seating area for a person to wander to the receptionist and have them pointed at you. They also carry no stock at all. I needed a set of A4 wiper blades, not a stock item, they'll be here in a few days, we'll call - no call - that kind of thing. The ownership experience was expensive. Lots of parts are common to VW and Seat, but the same part from Audi is more money. Oil filters are a good example of this!

    The car was very fragile, it total over one year, the glovebox hinges broke twice, the door trims on one side fell off, the boot release button stopped working, the dashboard creaked, the steering coumn rattled, the steering wheel squeaked on full lock when parking, the car cut out at low speeds, the drivers side mirror glass fell out and one of the drivers seat adjuster stopped working. There was a difficult to find rattle on the passenger door side, this turned out to be the plastic of the armrest rubbing on the plastic of the door card.

    In short it wasn't a good car! Maybe made on a friday, but generally poor fit and finish.

    The good bits are there too, good lights, good power delivery (after re-map) good brakes (after 312mm upgrade) The ride comfort was very good, it was quiet and calm at speed, it rode the camber changes well and its weight helped it stay firm over mid corner bumps.

    In short, if I could take that engine and put it in a better built car, with a significantly lighter bodyshell, I'd be laughing!

    I expect other people to come and rubbish my thread, to defend the Audi build quality, the ownership experience etc. but these are my views. I must add that th bods on the forum have been very helpful with technical advise, I have needed and appreciated it.

    I have gone and bought a Fiat now. It doesn't have anywhere near the carpark cache of the Audi, but it doesn't squeak, it doesn't rattle and it cost a whole lot less for amuch younger car.

    Many Thanks all.

  2. Niknak

    Niknak Member

    Ha Ha you must have had as you said a Audi built on a Friday, or a lemon as I like to say! I have never had any of the issues you have had with my 2004 1.9tdi maybe you should have gone for a diesel..

    Good luck with the Fiat and I'm sure we will see you again soon!

    Do Fiat's have Forums like Audi-Sport?
  3. ronny

    ronny Audi A4 1.8TQ

    Just going on your experience it seems you drive the car a little to hard maybe and that's why you had the problems?

    I have a 2001 1.8t but the sport Quattro version, a set of tyres last me 40k miles +

    Service lenth is set for how you drive, my light never comes on before 20k miles and sometimes 30k

    I never service mine on time, I mix all different types of oils inc non synthetic and fully, I just whack a litre in when it needs it,
    My ESP never comes on but then I got quattro. I have also got no squeaks, no rattles and it's a joy to drive every day, i have now covered 210k miles and it still feels like new, plenty of grunt left in the turbo too.

    I would say your experience is not normal when owning an A4 B6 but as with any car it's how it's treated and looked after.
    Good luck with your Fiat and hope you come back again one day, next time buy the quattro version it's so much better @:)
  4. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    I can totally hear about the way dealers handle us, but you had a 7 year old car so you'd expect some things to not be upto spec tbh, but the key thing here & also seen by previous poster is you had 2 pairs of tyres in 11k, either they were ***** tyres or you were driving like an F1 driver to go through that much rubber, plus I notice it says goodyear which I rate about as much as I rate Gordon Brown, his surname is the colour of something I would rate both him & the tyres, I would say your experience isnt the norm & there are variables to explain some.

    Dealer side I'm with you on that tbh even though my dealer staff know me very well & I get alot of priviledged treatment in my eyes, but been to others & they are lacking unbelievably.

    Servicing sounds wrong tbh, my S3 was a 99/00 car & this was 20k & had that for 7 years, so how you got 9k services confuses me tbh, my S4 B6 was 03 & that was I think 20k aswell & had that for 2 years.
  5. boya

    boya Member

    8 tyre's in a year! Christ! You must have been flat out everywhere you went! I had a 2ltr corsa b when i was 19 that was 180bhp+ and weighed around 900kg and it would spin the front wheels in 1st 2nd and 3rd but i only used 4 tyre's in 6 months in that and they were toyo's which are really soft compound to start with, oh i did a few run what ya brung days on the 1/4 mile at york too with a burnout before every run!
  6. AndymacA4

    AndymacA4 Member

    The tyres got eaten for a range of reasons, firstly the first set were destroyed in 2 onths by way out tracking on the back! Literally tore the inside rears away, leaving the outside edges at the back in fine condition. I bought very soft Goodyear GSD3s which aren't too long in life at the best of times. I also live in a very roundabouty town so the front left got battered, the front rear less so, but I replace tyres in axle pairs.

    On the service, the car came off the variable service schedule and onto the fixed distance, non-variable option which is set at 9000 miles or 365 days. This distance is not related to the way you drive. It is just a set thing.

    I have now taken delivery of my Fiat, it is lovely, and it doesn't squeak!

    I do miss the turbocharged whoosh of power that I got of the 1,8T engine, but I like the sheer grunt of 2.4 litres more!:icon_thumright:
  7. quattrojames

    quattrojames Moderator Staff Member Moderator Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    What Fiat have you bought?

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