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I've had 99 problems but the brakes ain't one...

MBK Mar 30, 2013

  1. MBK

    MBK Well-Known Member

    If you're havin' squeal problems I feel bad for you son. I've had 99 problems but the brakes ain't one. (with apologies to Jay-Z)

    I know this brake issues is a big deal for some people and I agree with you pushing for a solution. Rather than derail those threads I though I'd start a new one because it got me thinking about other problems I've had with cars to keep things in perspective:

    R26.R - this is a brake problem (Library photo, mine were not as bad as this):

    The big difference here is Renault had a new set of discs waiting for me before I even got home and fitted the next day. Yes they knew the R26.R had been driven hard on track and they still went out of their way make this right immediately. The second set were faultless in some 700 track miles. Given Renaults sometimes poor reputation you might be surprised that they are sadly the odd one out in offering excellent customer service and a quick solution.

    Next up come Subaru. The legendary WRX STi yet they could never solve the widely reported clonking noise from the rear suspension. They'd tighten the top mounts up each time people complained but that worked for about 2 days. I solved this problem with a set of AST coil overs.

    Then the legendary Mitsubishi Evo 360, the rear diff moaned and groaned more than an old slapper getting lucky with a chippendale. The dealer said it was 'normal'. No matter what they said it always made me nervous that another large bill was just around the corner.

    And finally we will turn to Westfield and their dodgy drive shaft design. This drive shaft detached itself at about 50mph, rattled around in the tunnel about an inch underneath my left arm before smashing the water pump to pieces and dumping fluids down the road for about 200m! There are no words for the fear induced by the sound of a loose prop shaft thrashing around just under your elbow. I only wish Go Pro cameras had been invented then because today I look back and laugh, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and all that



    Luckily at the time I also had my faultless (unless you count the Alcantara wheel and gear knob wearing problems, lol) TT Quattro Sport as a runabout. Happy days, regardless of the faults and costs:


    I can understand your frustrations with the squeal but it's worth keeping in perspective that many cars have issues. It could after all be much much worse.

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