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I've fixed my immobiliser problem on my '95 A4

ajmackie Apr 17, 2004

  1. ajmackie

    ajmackie Member

    I've read lots of posts on this and it really was annoying me as I had to turn the key and wait for the light to go out before i could start it. It was starting to take 15 turns so i got fed up and had a look!

    A lot of people said that it was down to there not being a long enough wire between the reader and the immobiliser unit. There was enough wire on mine even with the steering wheel fully extended. I couldn't change the wire as I didn't have access to the reader on the ignition barrel becuase it was too hard to get all of the trim off!

    I noticed that the connector to the immobiliser had a lot of play in it, so I just wrapped insulation tape around the unit to hold the connector plug fully in.

    Hey presto! The problem hasn't come back since I did this and that was a week ago.

    Fingers crossed!!
  2. kgough

    kgough Member

    Nice one! Almost certainly saved yourself a small fortune.

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