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I've been outsourced

Stringster Apr 1, 2007

  1. Stringster

    Stringster Missed gear

    My company has decided in all its wisdom to outsource my department. 70 of us in the UK and about 300 globally.
    They are considering using TU PE legislation to simply transfer us over to another company, which means no redunancy pay out's !
    After eight years trying to play all the politics and climb the ladder it is pretty painful when it all means nothing.
    I'm sure better opportunities await...
  2. Niknak

    Niknak Member

    What do you do?
  3. jcs356

    jcs356 Brum brum

    The TUPE legislation is very good to the employee - and means that the outsource company cannot change any of your terms and conditions. I've been TUPE'd when a firm I was working for got taken over and other than the firm that was paying me, nothing changed.

    You will have the option of redundancy - I believe it has to be offered to anyone as part of the TUPE agreement. Of course whether it is a good deal or not is another matter...

    Don't panic, wait to see what they come back with, and then make a decision. Good luck.
  4. hop2407

    hop2407 Active Member

    I've also been TUPE'd and its a very good protection of your original terms and conditions, should you choose to stick with them in your new company.
    In fact I have been with new company now for approx 4 years, and still not on the new companies T's & C's - They dont match what I was originally on (Shift allowance (if i go on shift), EVR payment, Holidays etc.) - so they will have to throw alot of money at me to change to their T's and C's.

    Not sure about the redundancy though - I guess new comp will have said they will accomodate everyone, but give it time. I am guessing there may be a clause saying 'NO Compulsary redundancy' - to protect the workers, but the new comp will want to save money and quickly, so may offer - 'Voluntary Redundancy' in a year or so.
  5. madvw

    madvw Active Member

    I got TUPE'd across when the company i worked for got outsourced.

    what a shambles.

    1. Final salary pension turned into money purchase. Comparable? no
    2. Hours worked per week increased by 30 minutes. Comparable? no
    3. Yearly salary increment stopped. Comparable? no
    4. Established salary scales scapped, nothing took its place. Comparable? no

    "protected" conditions? my ****.

    if you ever want promotion too, they'll probably make you sign up for their new T&C's which mean you'll give up your TUPE'd conditions.

    luckily it all fell apart, and we all went back again.
  6. Stringster

    Stringster Missed gear

    The company seems to be in trouble. Many senior managers resigning and motivation is non-existant; a depressing place to be so its time to get out.
    Decided enough is enough and handed in my notice.

    I've also had an offer I couldnt refuse at a different company.
    Step up the career ladder and a substantial 35% pay rise :)
  7. Stringster

    Stringster Missed gear

    Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations (TUPE) - they preserve employees' terms and conditions when a business or undertaking, or part of one, is transferred to a new employer.
  8. ScoobyA4

    ScoobyA4 ding dang do

    Pensions are not covered by TUPE. Leagally by law they are not allowed to force change of T&Cs, but it does happen. new laws came in last year (or this, cant remember when i did the workshop!) to protect. i was TUPE'd in 2000, found out mid Feb that it was happening 01st March! they forced my change (or called harmonisation) of T&Cs. apparently i could sue them for this, even now.

    i've TUPE'd many people in and out of the company i worked for, and its not as bad as many people think! it does, however and rightly so, cause to people worry. there is not always enough done to smooth it and make it easy...

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