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It's a gobsmacked bfg - which is some sight

bfg Dec 2, 2003

  1. bfg

    bfg New Member

    My 15 mth-old S8, which I've had for 2 mths, is in for some minor remedial work. The local dealer provided their new A8 demonstrator, as a courtesy car for a couple of days (which is damned decent - considering I bought the car from another Audi dealer.

    Well, all I can say is - roll on the new S8.........

    As well as a totally re-designed interior - with MORE cabin space (which at 6' 8" - does make a difference), the experience did come up with 1 big, big surprise......

    Performance was very nippy (more than my recent CL420) not up to the S8, but then on the motorway - cruising at about 75mph - fuel compsumption was 38mph......

    Then ****** me.... it twigged... it's the new 4l turbo diesel..... At 260bhp, and 0 - 60 in 6.7 seconds, I was very, very impressed.

    As well as this, it had the key-less go AND finger-print recognition, and well - I could go on.........

    You will be glad to hear, I do not have a mad urge to go out and buy one. I still love my S8, with all it's responsiveness and sheer driveability.

    However - I am really looking forward to the next one...


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