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It'll be all white on the night.....

djcormie Jun 8, 2008

  1. djcormie

    djcormie Member

    Sorry terrible title, but just a wee mod to the big girl, got some new white foglight bulbs as one had gone, they're cheap enough, 20quid for the pair, Ultra Power i think is the name, but look good. Was an easy job, had the lot done in 10mins.

    Have the sidelights to do as well, but need to get the headlights off as I can't get the fingers in enough with the cover off to get them out. So here it is, excuse the dirt of the front had just done a 200mile round trip to home the day before

    Anyways, before
    and after

    I think it looks quite good, once the side lights are done it'll finish it off, might even do the indicator bulbs or is that a step too far......

    No doubt my mate Adam will be along to take the **** some, but comments are always welcome



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