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it was dump valve failure all along.

jaysback Jul 21, 2006

  1. jaysback

    jaysback Member

    Had issues with what seemed like loads of play in the engine mount department. This was made a lot better by replacing the front dog leg mount with an uprated nuespeed item.
    Although better, i was still unable to drive the car smoothly through the gears.
    Well yesturday i fitted a new forge FMCL007P dump valve.
    All i can say is sorted.
    No more huge flat spot after changing gear and it seems to be coming up on boost a little stronger now. Before it did not feel much like a turbo charged car, but now there is a definate point at which you can feel the the turbo spool up.

    Needs an induction kit now me thinks, oh! and a revo :)

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