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It turns out my car is already mapped by REVO (2006 TDI 140)

Beans May 29, 2012

  1. Beans

    Beans Member

    Well, as the title says really - I'm a little surprised!

    I've had my car just under two months so far and done 4k miles, and commented in a thread how utterly poor the MPG is. I was getting 41-42mpg on average, and the best I have achieved was 43mpg calculated by full tank fills.

    I know all the arguments about mpg but the reality is I do the same journey every day to work sit in the fast lane doing 70-75mph with every single other car, and in my old car I (Golf TDI PD 130) was getting 50mpg; so you can see how I was a little disappointed getting poor economy - this is/was costing me over £500 more a year in fuel.

    I decided to buy a Bluefin to see if this improved the economy, along with more power - however the thing wouldn't read my ECU. I emailed Superchips who stated the car was already mapped (to something), and somehow locked the ECU. So, I took my car last week into a garage/remapper who sold me the Bluefin who also do REVO maps requesting the car put back to stock. They told me the car was already mapped with REVO, and whoever had done it before had locked the ECU so I couldn't have it back to stock at all. They did however offer to put it back to 140bhp to see if it improved economy which I did (I can get it back to 185bhp if requested at a small cost £33).

    I was a little surprised, and though it went well (when I was deciding on buying the car) due to the new Turbo fitted. I suppose in hindsight it was obvious, but the dealer who sold it to me was telling me the benefits if I were to remap it and never knew it was remapped in the first place (I told them when I found out).

    Now, for the economy this has shot back up to 48-50mpg. I'll keep the car and measure full tank fills for a week or two to see if this is correct (I believe it will be), but this economy/remapping issue has spurred me to start this thread. I'm not sure about other maps, but the REVO map definitely does not improve fuel economy. I understand the arguments about flooring it more, but on my way to work I have one opportunity to floor it and that's to get it up the slip road onto the motorway - half the time cars in front have slower ideas! Plus I don't want to get caught speeding so rarely go over 85mph.

    I have to say the top end power has been reduced somewhat, so don't get me wrong, REVO definitely adds more power. But I don't believe it increases fuel economy at all.

    Now I need to make the choice, is £509 a year in fuel at today's prices (£554 if you take the highest price in March) worth it for that extra power? I like the car, it looks and drives nice, but like most people in this country, I have a limited budget, and it means cutting elsewhere. I need to have a good think.

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