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Issues with rear window washer fluid

shwrb Jun 16, 2014

  1. shwrb

    shwrb New Member

    I hope someone has come across this/can help me;

    For some reason the when I try to use the washer for the rear wiper.. no water comes out but the wiper moves as though it has squirted water. Not sure on why this is happening. So the wiper itself is working properly but no water comes out, just wondering if anyone has come across an issue like this and if they can help me with it. The front one is working fine, just the back one I'm having issues with

    Thanks in advance :thumbsup:

    [Sorry if this has been covered already..]
  2. franko247g

    franko247g New Member

    Recently had the same issue, mine turned out to be a blockage. If you pop the cap off the wiper there's a small splitter. Mine was corroded £9 from the local stealers. You can pull it off and try blowing through it to see if that's the issue, also whilst it's off you can squirt your rear jet and as mine did with the piece removed water shoots out the back... If water doesn't come through at least you know you'll have to pop the boot cover off to investigate further.
  3. JohnE

    JohnE 2005 A3 Sport 1.6 FSI

    Yes this has been covered a million times on here :) mainly cos it's such a **** design.

    The posibilities are

    Blocked Jet
    Pipe Off

    or, most likely

    Inside of the wiper motor is full of water due to VAG's genius idea of routning water through the wiper spindle, then makeing the parts from chocolate.
  4. G19rnt

    G19rnt Member

    Had this on my 07 a3 I got a safety pin and pushed it in the small metal jet hole and it works fine now it was a little corroded.
  5. Artimus

    Artimus Shortback

    When mine stopped squirting it had rubbed a hole in the pipe just along from the washer bottle behind the front O\S fog light - try the wash again and look for water dripping from the bodywork or in the boot for a clue to front or rear leak.
  6. peterk

    peterk New Member

    I have the exact same problem, took the nozzle off and it was badly corroded as well, so ordered one off eBay. Water shoots out the back of the wiper mounting now haha!

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