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Issues with Driver Display Red Symbols and White Smelly Smoke

audistefone Nov 4, 2012

  1. audistefone

    audistefone New Member

    Hi All

    Not had audi long and have issue with the corrupt display, sometimes have all lines sometimes quite a few gone.

    Anyhow, when you first jump in car DIS goes on and then will display words OK.

    Now one question I managed to turn off the speed warning eventually but when i held in the button on dash I got a few red symbols then a few yellow symbols that couldnt at time work out what any were.

    is this normal???, the display did say OK afterwards. What function does that push button have on left hand side of clocks especially if you hold it in for a few seocnds and then let go.

    Never had EML light on and only thing I do get is fuel light popping up on DIS.

    Reasons for my questions is car is running really rough.

    Real bad smell from exhaust, smells like eggs and sometimes but not always a lot of thick white smoke and it stinks, especially last 2 days as weather outside is really cold.

    Anyone got any ideas on what may be lurking
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  2. spartacus 68

    spartacus 68 Active Member quattro Audi A2 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Lots of issues with DIS displays with missing lines, etc. Replacement guide here: Official DIY 2000 Audi S4 LCD Instrument Cluster Pixel Repair

    Regards white exhaust (I was initially thinking head gasket), but the combination of the smell suggests a sensor issue. Double check the coolant reservoir that it doesn't have oily residue to rule out the gasket. The coolant is G12 and should be red in colour. You haven't said what the car model is, petrol or diesel? Could be coolant temperature sender or Lambda O2 sensor if it's petrol. A scan of the system will identify logged error codes.

    The button on the left side of the dash changes the clock if pulled, and mph speed alarm if pushed.
  3. audistefone

    audistefone New Member

    Will take a look in morning

    My car is Audi A4 1.8t Sport Avant 1999 Facelift

    What is the best scanner for audi, I used to have elm for my astra coupe and android apps, what is out there for audi, presume OBD socket is the one in rear next to ash tray.

    is it normal then when pressing button on dash for all instrument symbols to appear, i.e 3 large red ones and numerous yellow ones.

    If there was an issue with oil/coolant and I received a large red symbol whilst driving does this symbol permanently stay on display or does it disappear. If there is no EML surely sensors are working?
  4. spartacus 68

    spartacus 68 Active Member quattro Audi A2 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Best with a full copy of VAG-com. Yes, OBD socket is behind centre armrest in ashtray.

    Not in my experience. Normally it's just the speed (mph) symbol, however I haven't tinkered with it lately.

    No, the sensor can be intermittent, but invariably if it's come on it will need dealt with. A scan with VAG-com will throw up the error codes and save you time and money in the long term.
  5. PAULF

    PAULF Active Member VCDS Map User

    You need a copy of the handbook to help you with the DIS - you should get one online, or second-hand easily enough.

    If you hold the button in with the car stationary, it will do a self test that shows all the symbols in order.
    If you pull the button out, you adjust the clock
    On start up, it performs a Power On Self Test, and displays 'OK' when first turned on
    The other thing to watch is that you can turn off the display if you press the bottom button on the stalk. There are a few threads on that.
    To reset statistics, call up the one you want (eg Average (uses the 'O' with a line through symbol) MPG , press and hold the lower stalk button for a couple of seconds and it will reset to zero.

    As Spartacus said, DIS lines are common. I sent mine away to ECU Testing, and was happy with their service. Others have used others equally happily. It costs about £150 give or take.
    If you try and be clever and just fit a second-hand clock set, you will have lots of trouble trying to code keys and ECUs as the immobiliser is built into the clocks.

    As Spartacus also said, VCDS is THE scanner to get.
    Nigel (NHN) on here sells them - find him in the VCDS forum. Alternatively you can get from RossTech direct. The leads are expensive (couple of hundred quid ) but are worth it IMHO.
    You can get clones off e-bay for £10-£25, but that is norty, and you can have problems getting them to work. If you have a clone lead, any questions on here will bring forth much righteous indignation and little help.
    It is acceptable to get a clone lead, and then download VCDS-Lite from Ross-Tech. This gives basic functions and allows you to try out VCDS on the cheap. You can then buy a license from Ross-Tech ($100 IIRC) that gives more functionality, and if you then buy the real thing form them, they credit you the license fee.
    That was the route I took.

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