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Issue with non-factory RNS-E installation

el_topo May 24, 2009

  1. el_topo

    el_topo New Member

    Hello everyone. I have an issue with the non-factory installation of an RNS-E unit I purchased from eBay in a B7 (2005.5) A4. The unit works, it's starting to get its bearings (although it did incorrectly think I was driving across a park earlier), and it looks pretty damn good.

    However, I'm getting no sound from the rear speakers. When I get in the car and the electrics are on I only hear a quiet clicking noise coming from the rear door speakers. :( When the interior light goes out so does the noise, so I think it's safe to leave the unit installed for now.

    Now as far as I know I do not have the Bose amp installed, and that's what I told the ebay seller when I bought the unit so he could give me the right adapter. However I could be wrong -- I bought the car used from an Audi dealer, but the guy couldn't tell me if it had the Symphony or Symphony II stereo installed (which is slightly odd). Could the root of the problem be that I do in fact have the Bose system installed but ordered the wrong cable, or is it that the seller sent me a Bose adapter for my non-Bose car?

    Edit: also the car is a B7 (2005.5) A4 with the Premium (sunroof) and Sport options packages.

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