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  1. I have a couple of people of other forums paying through the nose to have Isofix retro-fitted to their car.

    Can somone explain to me what's involved? How much should I expect to pay for either the S4 or the Mrs 02 Bora?
  2. mwarrey

    mwarrey Member

    Fitted isofix to the rear of my s4 about 4 years ago. Basically its a metal frame that bolts onto the panel behind the rear seat with 2 torx head bolts. Its a little fiddly but probably a 10 minute job start to finish. From memory it was around £30-40 for the parts.

    Part no.s are here :-


    I only bought one bracket (enough for one child seat)
  3. g60leigh

    g60leigh Well-Known Member

    daft question, but what is isofix?
  4. treblesykes

    treblesykes Member

  5. 0w3n

    0w3n New Member

    I recently did this to my S4 99.5 model. Cost me £86 parts from the stealers consisting of 2 isofix bars, 4 bolts and 4 plastic inserts to help you find th isofix when putting in the seat. took me about 30 mins to do, due to the position of the holes and getting the bolts into them, but easier on the second one once the technique was there.

    easy job on the whole.
  6. nicky123

    nicky123 New Member

    Hello ,

    i was told i had the isofix fixings and have only just discovered i haven't (after geting the isofix base and 6 weeks til the due date ) .

    Can anyone advice where to get the parts so i can fit my isofix base - i have an audi A4 2005 model ....

    My local audi garage had no idea what i was on about when i called the number in my audi pack :(:(
  7. mwarrey

    mwarrey Member

    Unless you have the holes for the isofix to bolt into, you can't fit isofix. This was the case on my 97 1.8t (but not on my 99 S4). TBH, I was quite concerned about this but after swapping the child seat (Britax duo which has isofix and normal seatbelt fittings) between cars there is not that much between them. They are both pretty solid, isofix is better but as long as you tighten the seatbelt fittings well, there is not a great deal of movement.

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