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ISO Lead for Rear SPeakers

jay786 Feb 25, 2012

  1. jay786

    jay786 Member

    Hi, i bought a set of ISO leads for my car so i can make the rear speakers work with an aftermarket system.
    I realised you have to connect a source of power to the cable to power the rear speakers ... which cable shall i use .. amp out?

    Also the volume on the rear is so low ... why is that?

    Link below is what i purchasedISO STEREO/RADIO ADAPTOR WIRING LEAD AUDI A4 (95-02) | eBay

  2. scott b

    scott b Active Member VCDS Map User

    to power the aerial use the amp remote or electric aerial feed, as for the rear speakers i had the same problem, you need to bypass the rear amp, to do this you need to run rear speaker wires (2 lots, left and right) to the plug that goes into the rear amp, if you do a search in the ICE section it should come up with which wires you need to cut and join into. this is what i had to do aswell
  3. jay786

    jay786 Member

    whats the ice section ..
    when i bought this car i saw so mnay wires going to the boot and on the front with swithches .. dont know??
    Can you please give detailed info on the wires and where cables should be connected plz
    many thanks
  4. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    You need to run two new speaker cables from the HU to the rear amp in the boot cubbyhole.
    At the HU you will have a brown ISO speaker harness, this feeds the front speakers only and will have two pairs of empty sockets where the rear speaker feeds should be. You will have the male version of this plug on your new HU. You need to connect the new speaker cable to this connector (the empty sockets) so that the new HU will be powering both the fronts and the rears from it's internal amp.
    If your new HU has this connector on it's own harness then you can simply connect the new cable to the HU harness (cables will be purple and green and clearly marked right rear +ve, right rear -ve, left rear +ve and left rear -ve) Ensure you match the +ve & -ve's at both ends of the new cable.
    If the new HU has the connector on the back of it (no harness) then you'll need to buy a speaker ISO harness
    Car Hi-fi Extension Cable : Wiring Accessories : Maplin Electronics
    You can then plug the Audi front speakers into one end and the other into the HU. Then cut the 2 outer pairs on the adapter and connect the new speaker cable to the HU side of these obeying the +ve & -ve's as before.
    In the boot locate the Audi harness feeding the rear amp. Disconnect the connector and either crimp/solder small blades onto the new speaker cable and plug them into the relevant locations on the connector or cut the feeds to the rear speakers and connect the new speaker cable to the loom side of the cut cable. This connects the new speaker cable to the rear speakers.
    The diagram below is for the Avant, I found when I came to do my saloon I had to reverse the +ve's and -ves as the fronts were cancelling the bass on the rears. Just listen to the bass and if it seems bassier when fading to front or rear then you will need to do the same.
  5. quattrojames

    quattrojames Moderator Staff Member Moderator Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    In Car Entertainment. You'll find it lower down the forum...
  6. RobMorris

    RobMorris Member

    Nice write up - il be using this..

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