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is this guy a fake scammer or what ...opinion's please

10blazin Feb 17, 2010

  1. ragsterx

    ragsterx Rear Ender

    You can only trace someones IP address is if its a public address. Idividuals do not have them, organizations do. Everyone else is hidden behind Firewalls that translate your internal address to that of a public 1. BT, Virgin, BBC.. they all have public address and issue some to large organizations which take a lot of server/traffic hits.
    This is obvioulsy a scam but you wont ever find him, report it and thats about it. He'll be some big horrid Nigerian with AIDS no doubt sat in some sweaty fly ridden internet cafe in Lagos or somewhere..
  2. kkp0897

    kkp0897 Active Member

    This is definately a fake mate - had something very similar.

    Remember, 9K is the limit for cash transactions (money laundering laws) otherwise you could potentially have the Taxman\bank manager asking questions.

    Secondly, I would accept bankers drafts, on the condition i visit the bank with them and witness it being drawn which I would then immediately pay into my account. Had a car dealer once buy a car from me for which I insisted I witness the bankers draft being drawn....only to find out they had insufficient funds - embarrassing for them and they had to come back another day.

    Good luck with the sale.
  3. One Spoke

    One Spoke Member

    This is a common scam that you read about all the time.

    I sold my last car privately last year to get a better price than the p/x the stealer offer me. Last year, the major banks (90% + of people in the UK iirc?) started using some new faster clearing process for electronic transfers between accounts. I checked with my bank and they confirmed that if someone electronically transfers money from their account to yours, it is 100% safe. This is because their own bank won't allow the transfer unless they have the funds in their account in the first place, and once the funds hit your account they cannot be recalled by the buyer or their bank. It can be pretty instant but as long as they initiate the process at their bank by 2pm (I think?) the funds should hit your account the same day.

    Another aternative is CHAPS. This costs about £25 and works in a similar way to that above except it is guaranteed to clear into your account within a certain timescale.

    Both these rely on the buyer trusting you as the seller, but my buyer had been to my house to see the car and check the docs etc. so he knew where I was if I'd decided to not give him the car. I took a £250 deposit off him on the day and said he could collect the car any time he wanted AFTER he had transferred the money to my account.

    Have to say, I was still nervous as hell and would have preferred to p/x with the dealer but as someone said above, £2k is £2k. And without the extra £2k I wouldn't have been able to buy the car I did.
  4. 10blazin


    lol yeah i looked into it further and i think that was some server it taced him back to nigeria but no map ....piece of turd . AIRSTRIKE PLEASE
  5. The Slug

    The Slug Active Member

    just by reading the first line its a scam....didnt bother reading the rest
  6. Lee_R

    Lee_R Active Member

    My moms friend actually fell for a similar scam. She bought a Golf GTI from ebay for 11k which was really cheap. She got conned into sending the money via western union and the seller said he was in the forces and would ship the car back to England from germany.

    Obviously it never turned up. It never existed! They traced it back to a place in Nigeria but western union is untracable or something like that so she lost the whole 11k. Police were no help at all.

    People do fall for these things!!

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