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is there anything else to worry about?

Irish EK Jun 11, 2012

  1. Irish EK

    Irish EK Member

    with the impending balance shaft failure on my BLB 2005 2.0tdi A4, i put my car off my road at the sart of february as the engine rattling noise my car had developed got a lot worse. there is 71k miles on the car. the car was parked up on the drive and the replacement chain to gear unit was ordered with my indy. after a 13 week wait for the part, the car was taken by a friend in a local recovery company to the indy and left with him. whilst its in there, im also getting the remains of a standard service, timing belt, water pump and tensioner and clear headlights and 6000k HiD's fitted. its also getting the driver window motor replaced as this stopped working around christmas.

    this is going to cost a lot of money and although id love a new car, after replacing the clutch and DMF at christmas and now the balancer shaft unit i cant afford to. so what i want to know is is there anything else i need to worry about? anything major that could cost me thousands (like the balance shaft failure?). what is this hex drive failure i keep hearing about? is this replaced when converting to a gear driven system or is there another fix?
  2. Wrath

    Wrath Well-Known Member

    Yes, the hex shaft is used in both chain and gear driven scenarios. There has been some question over the fitting of the hex shaft, basically if it is loose then it will wear and end up with a shafted engine. Some people have reverted to getting a shaft custom made.
  3. matthew999

    matthew999 Member

    Hello mate. I think your oem gear conversion should have a newer 100mm hex instead of 74. Which will hopefully wear less as it has more contact with balancer due to extra depth into it. Also some say that the new one is centred better to balancer not sure how true this bit is.
    Cheers matt
  4. Irish EK

    Irish EK Member

    thanks for the replies guys. i suppose what i am concerned about is is the hex drive part of the replacement gear driven unit, or is it not replaced when converting? i dont want to fork out a couple of grand to fix the probolem only for something else to happen. how do i know or how can i find out? as you said matthew i hope its part of the oem conversion!

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