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Is there a way of having an iPod lead and cd changer connected at the same time?

Az Jan 15, 2011

  1. Az

    Az Hard slammed!

    As the title says, I've got an rns-d with a factory cd changer in the glove box. Now I like to have a cd player if I ever buy a new cd and want to listen to it in the car when I buy it, but at the same time I want to have my iPod / iPhone connected for the majority of the time.

    I know that if I purchased an iPod lead from audi it would have to be connected to the back of the satnav unit in the same port in which the cd changer plugs into, but is there a way round this to have the best of both worlds without pulling the Headunit out to swap leads over if I want to listen to which ever of the two isn't plugged in at the time?

    Failing that, if there isn't a way I may look into getting an rns-e or aftermarket double din.

  2. Dilligaf-UK

    Dilligaf-UK Chugging along VCDS Map User

    From my understanding, the XCarlink allows the CD Changer to be retained and allows an iPod to be connected - costs about £80.
  3. Az

    Az Hard slammed!

    Cheers mate, I'll look into that, I had an xcarlink in my old s3 but I can't remember how it connected into the Headunit.
  4. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    TBH chap your best bet is rns-e, rns-d is poor as had in my S4 while back, stayed in car for all of a week or so before changing for the E, so much better unit.
  5. Dsport

    Dsport Active Member

    I fitted Xcarlink in mine and although the wiring is there for the changer, couldnt get the headunit to recognise the changer and ended up taking the changer out alltogether
    Do like the xcarlink though
  6. Az

    Az Hard slammed!

    I would love to get an rns-e but it's purely money holding me back at the moment, £300-£400 no-a-days is a lot for me to spend with having a baby, a year or so ago I wouldn't of thought twice, I will get an e eventually but will just have to wait a while, so maybe an xcarlink could be a cheap fill in.

    Cheers for the replies!

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