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Is there a test procedure of electric cooling fan a4 tdi AVF engine?

steveboyo Nov 15, 2011

  1. steveboyo

    steveboyo Quattro'd Caravan

    Hi All
    I have an Audi A4 1.9 tdi quattro with the AVF engine. Noticed that even after a long period on tickover(temp 90+) my electric cooling fan doesn't kick in. I have the electric only cooling fan(1) with the control unit on top of radiator. Have checked fuses(ok). I have run fused leads directly to fan and it works, so assuming there is a problem with control circuit.
    Also cannot turn on AC as low on gas. Is there a test procedure to test only the radiator fan operation?
    Have found various test procedures for passat/golf but none for the A4.

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