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Is the ashtray delete no smoking pack- only for cars with double din?

Kieronboz Jan 11, 2014

  1. Kieronboz

    Kieronboz Member

    Was trying to retrofit this add-on, but it seemed like i needn't remove the grab handles and air con unit as it just looked impossible? Unless the grab handles have some channel within them for the massive rubber edges on this part I couldn't see it fitting?

    Any ideas. Maybe i bought the wrong part! - 8P0 863 301 A was what i used, for a 54' A3 with single DIN radio.
    2014-01-11 16.07.19.jpg 2014-01-11 16.07.28.jpg
  2. dannyh1991uk

    dannyh1991uk Member

    I have just brought an 06 A3 which has the no-smoking pack fitted and also have a single din radio.
    I think the rubber mat section actually scoops down quite low and the rubber sides go up to the handles.

    Iv took these images to try and show what i mean or how it should look.


    Apologies for the quality, i cant seem to get this app to upload decent pics
  3. Kieronboz

    Kieronboz Member

    Hmm, cheers for that Danny! It seems like it should fit, but theres just so much rubber on the edges it didnt seem possible lol! SO i gave up! I shall have to try again.
  4. stetheo

    stetheo Active Member

    It should fit just fine, you need to remove the grab handles in order to get the rubber mat in. I have done this mod on my last two cars, quick and easy mod to do.
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