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Is that a break issue? Need help please

Tommy999 May 28, 2012

  1. Tommy999

    Tommy999 New Member


    I have a Audi A4 (2004 2.0 auto FSI petrol) about two years. Recently I found problems about break and acceleration and it get worse and worse.

    Issue 1: When the car is standstill and I press and release the break pedal, the break icon in the gear selection panel will not light on immediately. It will light on about 3 or 5 second delay and then flash couple second and finally the light is on. The delay and flashing time is vary. Sometimes everything is ok, the icon will light on as soon as I release the pedal but sometime not. The break light sometime it will flash but most time it will light off when I release the break pedal. It looks like the break pedal or something else is "sticky". I am not very sure about it.

    During the break icon is grey, if I press the break pedal, I can still change the gear.

    There is no error or warning showing in the dash board at all. The break looks working during the car is moving.

    Issue 2: There is another issue which I think it might cause by the break issue. Sometime when the car is moving, I press the acceleration pedal. The car does not accelerate even I push the pedal to the bottom. The rpm of engine isn't change as well so that there is no petrol pump to the engine. I have to release and re-push the pedal and then the car has reaction. Is this because the break is still "sticky" so that the computer refuse to accelerate?

    These issue confuse and annoy me quite well and I think these are really risk of the car. I am not a mechanic so that I have to guess. Any ideas about the issues please? Thank you very much indeed.

    BTW: Does these issues relate gearbox (hope not, otherwise...)? Does change the gearbox oil will help? Thanks again.
  2. Mike B

    Mike B Well-Known Member

    I would have it diagnosed for faults.Mine is a 2.5tdi auto and I would guess there is something wrong in the electronics.Changing the ATF wont help assuming its been done as spec
  3. marktdisport

    marktdisport Active Member

    are the brake lights working m8 sounds like you got a faulty switch, as you cant accelerate whilst the brakes are pressed so if the switch is faulty and switcges them on this could be the 2nd prob and being a auto it may cure number 1 as it also

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