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Is my MAF on its last legs????????

themelv Aug 1, 2009

  1. themelv

    themelv New Member

    I picked up my diesel A4 a few weeks ago for £900 quid he's done 220000 miles but manages to look an drive like a 15000 car.
    It seemed a little sluggish for a turbo diesel, even a 90bhp one.
    I managed to fix this by repairing a leaky main boost hose. (steel panel and self emalgamating insulating tape :yes:)
    I have now found a 2nd problem, the car struggles to go above 2800/3000rpm or 80mph in top gear. I'm still getting great mpg (55ish)
    I've had a quick gander on tinterweb and it looks the maf is going belly up????? Where is the MAF and is it possible to resolder the joints in it and give it a clean up with a none residue electrical cleaner????
    I need your help guys as need to do this on a super budget
    Thanks V much
  2. willieigs

    willieigs Member

    maf is located inline with the airfilter no doudt you will see wire going to it . lack of power is common fault
  3. dieselfitter251

    dieselfitter251 Blow ma own trumpet?

    Yup, ^^^^ wot he said. You may also want to check the small vacuum pipes that run to the sensor which are located on the boost pipes, my tdi is 248k, some of these need replacing a while ago as they were starting to collapse. Most likely your maf though.

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