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Is my cas fuel consumption about right ?

dale86 Mar 24, 2013

  1. dale86

    dale86 Member

    I have a 1.9tdi quattro sport 130 and ive just brimmed the tank and the computer says ill get about 365 to a full tank and from previous fillups and resetting the milage display its been pretty accurate from full to empty on givi g me my mileage per tank. I was just wanting your views on if it is been good on juoice or not as im sure when i first got the car nearly 2 years ago a trip to butlins gave me around 420 out the tank i think .
  2. madmike01uk

    madmike01uk Member

    It works out your range using your very recent driving. I brimmed mine last night, said I had 370 miles range, then drove upto Birmingham this morning, got there and it said I had 410 miles range left lol. I'd been doing a lot of town driving recently.
  3. dale86

    dale86 Member

    Mine pretty mixed its town driving then a bit of motorway so itl be about right and i dont really drive conservative either but i dont thrash around either just somwhere inbetween lol
  4. stu_m

    stu_m Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    every time I brim mine it shows at least 600 miles to empty mines not quattro though although you dont loose that much with a quat

    best way is to work out your MPG tank to tank

    I get at least 40mpg average over a tank 40 is the worst when its warmer weather its closer to 48 over a tank sometimes more depending on the driving most of our driving is the missus running backwards and forwards to work on 30 - 40 roads with a bit of stop start

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