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is it worth the hastle ?

ade Feb 27, 2011

  1. ade

    ade New Member

    Hi all, I am sort of new to audi-sport I originally joined in 2000 when I had a S3 and again now having just bought a s/h 2007 A3 from ebay.

    The car is pretty standard and I wondered if I could pick your brains as reading the many forum messages you all seem to know your stuff about doing modifications.

    I was thinking to add a sat nav to replace my non-Bose concert ii+ (I think). I currently have a stick-on sat nav and having changed cars from a Passat CC with the nice touch screen as standard I thought for £350-400 its a small price to pay, BUT..
    Reading through pages and pages, I am wondering if its worth the hassle, the car has a shark fin aerial but by reading pages its just for the phone reception and I don't want to start taking wires up to the roof.

    How easy is it find my current stereo unlock code if this project goes wrong I can revert back !

    How many adaptors do I need to buy if I get the unit from eBay for example

    Some videos on-line show taking the dashboard off to sit a GPS aerial behind for best reception, is this really necessary ?

    My car has Bluetooth and a phone fixture but no cradle.

    thanks in advance
  2. Joereynolds89

    Joereynolds89 2010 Facelift!

    Youd be able to get it all fitted if doing the work yourself for around £550-600 for the basic RNS-E

    All that required is

    RNS-E Unit
    RNS to Car adaptor
    GPS Ariel
    Radio Adapter

    Depending what you have fitted currently, you may also need a double din console with switchs

    Only problem you may have is reduced radio signal, however due to my car being older i didnt have the issue so never researched into it, will be something someone else will have to answer and the ariel boosters etc i believe cost a few pretty pounds

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