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Is it possible to get or record music videos ? Then put them on a DVD?

S3 Paul Jun 17, 2011

  1. S3 Paul

    S3 Paul Well-Known Member Regional Rep

    Basicaly i would like to make a dvd or any kind of disc that would play on a standard dvd player with music plus videos.
    Kind of like watching one of the many music channels but whenever i want.
    Is this possible? Can they be bought off the shelf?
    I had a google but only came up with live videos of one artist in concert.
    I want a compilation.
    Any help would be great. Thanks
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    Ads License to drive

    I'm not exactly sure what you mean. Can you buy what off of the shelf??

    But I you mean what I think you mean then:
    First of all the DVD player you use needs to be able to play DVD-R or DVD-RW discs.
    Next.... where are you going to get the music video from??
    If you're downloading them then they'll probably come in .avi or .mpg formats so you'll need to use one of the many video file to DVD converters founds on the internet for free. Most of these will also burn your conversion to the DVD (just like an audio burner does).
    Doing it this way you'll be able fit up to two hours of footage on a disc.
    If you are lifting the music videos from another DVD then you'll need to use a DVD ripper to get the video off of the original disc and on to your disc.

    OR you can go an entirely different route.... buy a cheapo DIVX/MPEG enable DVD player (you can pick these up for under £30) and then you can burn your downloaded video files (.avi mpg etc) directly to DVD without converting them.
    This way you'll be able to fit hours worth of footage on one disc (about 4gb worth of video files).
  3. McDHibs

    McDHibs Member

    Look for the software "Total Video Convertor" it will convert any video or audio format to any other video or audio format dead simple to use.

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