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is it possible for a k03s turbo to be...

Backdrifts Jan 25, 2007

  1. Backdrifts

    Backdrifts Member

    Flowing 240 break?

    my mate is looking at a golf just nowand the owner is claiming these figures, i said to my mate that it sounded a bit ambitious.
  2. simch

    simch Active Member

    It is sort of possible. There was a black golf with some quite trick bits and bobs, ATP mani, samco hoses, etc, and a k03s and high octane fuel additives that made over 250 at Awesome's Mkiv .net RR day! (256 I think!! eek)
    But on pump gas, I reckon 240 is about the max you could expect, even pushing it. But some may know better.
    If its an AGU with the bigger port head, and has the larger manifiold, hi flow cat/dp etc front moutn and a real good map, it is possible.

    But it depends which rollers it was done on. More importantly, what his stock car made on those same rollers...?!?!?

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