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Is it my wheel bearing. Can someone help

Snash7 Sep 26, 2012

  1. Snash7

    Snash7 Member

    In the last week and a half ive had this slight rumble/ humming noise i cant pin point where its coming from but think its deffently the front. Ive jacked the car up and had a wiggle but didnt think there was much or any play in the wheels.
    Im sure it is the wheel bearings tho.
    Has anyone had there wheels bearings replaced cant find what it cost's in parts plus labour
    As the sound is doing my head in now.

    Once this and the rear axel bushes are done i can finaly start to buy some performance parts instead of replacing broken bits

    Thanks grant

    A3 1.8t agu 1998
  2. phil miller

    phil miller Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    have you tried to spin the wheels to see if you can hear the rumble? try front and rears, its not uncommon for the noise to be caused by a tyre being out of shape
  3. Grale1

    Grale1 Active Member

    Mate I have a droning noise coming from the front of my car, I'm pretty sure it is the wheel bearings, I'm going to buy the bearings off eBay and get a guy in salfords to do them, he is an audi vw India specialist who's pretty good
  4. <tuffty/>

    <tuffty/> Badger 5 Edition...Its all about the flow... Staff Member Moderator Audi S3

    Front wheel bearings require a press to get them in and out... have done a few... you will need to take the carrier off to get access to the bearings... this involves undoing the hub nut, lower ball joint, removing the brake caliper and disc, undoing the suspension strut, and undoing the track rod end...

    Once out you press out the hub flange, then press out the old bearing... press in the new bearing, press in the hub flange and reassemble...

    Around 1 to 1.5 hours work depending on how easy the bearing comes out... they can be a pain... if competant enough a DDIY mechanic its not difficult to get the carriers off, you can then take them to your local garage to get the bearings sorted and you just need to refit when done...

    Haynes manuals are worth buying :)

  5. kelk11

    kelk11 Member

    I've recently had both bearings replaced, was unable to tell by spinning the wheels whilst jacked up, but made a hell of a rumble whilst driving. I was charged £30 for the parts and no more than £50 labour per side
  6. Snash7

    Snash7 Member

    Teah its doing my head in now. Just had cambelt and water pump 3 weeks ago then tax, MOT and rear shocks done in last week pain in the ass but at least i know there done.

    really i tryed looking for a vag specialist around but couldnt find anyone do you know him or just heard cheers mate.

    Thanks tufty appreciate it if i had abit more knowledge i would give it ago but best leave this to someone who knows what there doing lol :)
  7. Grale1

    Grale1 Active Member

    I use him for a few things like vcds stuff, I will be getting him to do my wheel bearings

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