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Is it my MAF Sensor?

mark_sarah Mar 2, 2010

  1. mark_sarah

    mark_sarah Limp mode!

    My 1999 1.8T Sport A3 let me down today.

    I was plodding along down the road with no care in the world, and the car started chugging as if it was out of fuel. 300 yards later it just bogged down, like someone had stuffed a "banana up my tail pipe", so i pulled over to allow the very annoyed cars behind, to carry on with there journey. Now the car will start ok, and tick over fine, but the soon as you touch the accelerator it boggs down like it has ran out of fuel

    Now at first i thought it might have been the cat, so i removed to check, and it was ok.
    I then thought MAF sensor, as i have seen a lot of threads on here commenting that this is a common fault.
    So i have ordered a replacement from the internet.

    I have spoken to a local garage, and they said sounds like the MAF sensor, especially when i told them that since i have had the car, i have had to rev it a bit higher than any other car i have owned, just to get it to pull away, otherwise it would just stall.

    Now i know you are all gonna say get it plugged into VAG.com, well i have! and it comes up clean. In fact the garage also told me that when the MAF sensor dies it does not always throw up a fault.

    Any idea's or comments will be greatly accepted..... :crying:
  2. Effect

    Effect Member

    try driving it with the MAF unplugged, usually the car runs a lot better like this if you have a dodgy MAF and no fault code.

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