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Is it just me, or are sentences getting more lenient?

StateOfPlay Jun 30, 2012

  1. StateOfPlay

    StateOfPlay Well-Known Member

    This young man took a life. He committed Murder. He admits he did it. The CCTV shows he did it. He has previously been in trouble for stabbing a schoolboy.

    So he gets 14 years. He will be out in 7? 10? He will be 31 if he serves the full 14 year term. He will still have a life, still be able to start a family, watch his children grow up. His victim will not.

    It makes my blood boil. He should get at least 30 years, if not more.

    BBC News - Youth jailed for Hemel Hempstead stabbing murder
  2. superkarl

    superkarl MAN OF STEEL

    makes my blood boil too mate.

    did you watch that programme last week on channel 4 where gordan ramsey went to cook in a prison? and the programme following it called 'lifers'?
    well if this story makes your blood boil, watching those programmes and actually seeing how murderers live is DISGUSTING!

    its just another of this countrys **** ups.
  3. - Jrd -

    - Jrd - Member

    I have different view, People that get sentences aslong as that - most cases they are due. Not contesting that.

    Think of the mental state of someone whos been locked away that long - Surely they would be worse on release?

    And the amount of tax payers money used to keep them living/secure. I think convicted felons with long sentences should have option of lethal injection. Not like any of us would, but if you were told to stay in a small area for 30years? id rather say "Good night".

  4. Ads

    Ads License to drive

    I was thinking this too. Also the whole 'life sentence' thing is ****. They get 'life' but are told they have to serve a minimum of say 15 years. What is the point in that?!?!? Life should mean 'for the rest of your life', especially for murder, and especially when you have confessed to it.
    Ok, if you kill someone by accident.. i.e. you get in a fight, punch someone and they fall and hit their head and die.. then I don't think you deserve to be inside for the rest of your life, but if you intentionally kill someone then you do.
  5. Benjiman46

    Benjiman46 R-Tech Terrorist

    Agreed mate.. It's all this human rights BS though.. In some aspects, the world would be a much better place without human rights! Plus judges who make the final decision are actually involving their own "human emotions".

    In my opinion, it should be an eye for an eye.. Not necessarily the death penalty... That's too simple, although it would save ALOT of money if murderers were killed instead of being locked up and fed for the next 50 or 60 years. I'm thinking kiddie fiddlers & rapists should be 100% castrated, so they cannot use their tackle for any more wrong doing, murderers should be put in solitary with nothing but the insects in their cell for company.. Make them suffer like their victim suffered.

    As you can tell I'm quite passionate about this subject, so I'm going to bow out now before I get too agitated haha

  6. shady-ninja

    shady-ninja Active Member

    I see a growth of MORAL JUSTICE D.I.Y. STYLE.
    that way at least you know that they will get an equal
    measure for the offence they commited.
    do you think he would have got that sort of sentence if he murdered prince harry or a member of the royal establishment.
  7. gary3306

    gary3306 Active Member

    This is one of the reasons why I left the Police force. Time and time again you'd see low lives hop skipping and jumping out of Mags Court after being 'let off' with community service or a fine, that you know damn well isn't gonna get paid. That then results in the issue of a warrant for non-payment and it just goes round and round. The Police's hands are tied now, you feel like you're wearing the handcuffs as you aren't allowed to do anything.

    This human rights lark is a joke. Rollox to their human rights! In my opinion, if they break the law, especially in such a heinous way as murder/rape etc, then they should lose their human rights, simple as that. No TVs, no x box's, no priveleges, nothing, just a cell with a bed, a chair and a toilet.
    I am damn sure that if the government said 'Ok, we are going to overhaul the justice system. Life means LIFE etc etc, however we're gonna have to build more prisons and we are going to have to put tax up 2p in the pound...' I reckon the vast majority of the population would say thank you, its about time.

    British Justice? Never was there a bigger contradiction in terms!!

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