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Is it dangerous while driving a car with different speed rating tyres on motorway?

adam1314 Jul 31, 2013

  1. adam1314

    adam1314 Member

    I came to change my NSF Tyre in a blackcircle garage and a careful technician told me that my car is running with 3 different speed ratings. The default speed rating should be H. However, I noticed that my OSF is W and NSR is V and the rest are H. I am wondering if it will have some potential danger while driving it on Motorway although I will never reach the speed of H. I have heard of that the different speed rating means different sidewall construction and handling. The higher the speed rating, the stronger the sidewall and the better handling.

    BTW, my tyre size is by default is 205 55 R16 H(91)

  2. mjr901

    mjr901 Guest




    So if you stay below 131mph which is likely... then you won't have a problem.

    Usually 'XL' is for a re-inforced sidewall, but it wouldn't surprise me if the higher rated tyres are stiffer.

    In the grand scheme of things, I'd use them until they're worn and then replace all the same for peace of mind.

    As long as the tyre is E marked your all safe and legal.
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  3. adam1314

    adam1314 Member

    Thanks a lot. I would definitely replace the W and V rating tyres to H rating tyres when they are worn in future.
  4. nluk100

    nluk100 Well-Known Member

    Are the tread patterns the same as this is likely to be of greater concern if you were to have to brake suddenly?
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  5. adam1314

    adam1314 Member

    The tread patterns should be different. I have got one Bridgestone ER300 H rating, one Bridgestone T001 H rating, one Pirelli P7 V rating and one Rapid P609 W rating. The Rapid P609 W rating was replaced by a private garage where I bought my car and requested a new tyre.

    I would recommend anyone who goes to buy a 2nd hand car to ask discount for the worn existing tyres. Never ask a garage to change it for you. They will usually supply you the bad tyres.
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  6. Audi Dynamik

    Audi Dynamik Well-Known Member

    Just out of interest what happens if you go over the limit of the speed rate of the tyres ?
  7. adam1314

    adam1314 Member

    Most people will never have a chance to test that :)
  8. kwistof

    kwistof South East Events Moderator Regional Rep

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  9. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    TBH unless you drive like a complete tosspot, you should be fine, do as 901 states, drive them until worn & swap for same imho.
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  10. turbonutz

    turbonutz Active Member

    driving like a toss pot when i had 3 diffrent tyres on ma 4 corners (before getting falkens) a felt the handling was a bit sketchy, but normal driving was fine for me
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  11. c_w

    c_w Well-Known Member

    You don't say whether they're 3 different tyre brands/makes as well as the different speed rating. However if the H is your normal rating then going higher rated is no problem at all.

    But the idael is to have the same tyre (brand etc) all round, or at thevery least on the same axle.
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  12. adam1314

    adam1314 Member

    Thank you for your comments.

    I 've got two Bridgestone at H rating (ER300 and T001), one Pirelli at V rating and one rapid p609 at W rating, the value tyre changed by the garage when I told them the tread is almost worn off. Next time I will ask for some discount and change a better brand tyre.
  13. grr666

    grr666 Member

    Personally I wouldn't do it, when I bought my van all the tyres
    were different makes, speed ratings and worse still load ratings.
    One was a proper commercial van tyre and the others were
    car tyres.
    My van doesn't have ABS and one day soon after buying it
    I was following someone alongwho suddenly decided without warning
    or signal that they were going to stop at the petrol station via the entrance
    which they had all but passedforcing me in turn to brake as suddenly as they
    did. My (empty) van stopped facing the wrong way as I did a small stab of
    the steering to the right toavoid his rear end as I braked and that was the result.
    Roads were very lightly damp

    Now have 4 new matching tyres.
    Recently I had similar incident where a taxi decided to slam his brakes on because
    someone flagged him down, but on 4 matching tyres the van stayed straight
    in almost identical conditions and also when empty. It's at times like this when
    your ABS (if you have it)is making up for the fact that all tyres heat up at different rates,
    grip in the wet and dry at different levels and have harder or softer rubber
    compounds. (Different Grip point/slip point)
    In day to day driving you'll be fine, but anything spirited or a sudden
    emergency avoidance or manouvre and your ABS/TCS may not be able to contain
    the differences between the tyres and you may well end up in the hedge.
    In all honesty, I'd say the faster you are going the more likely this is.
    What do you do when a lorry pulls out of lane 1 on you without warning?
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2013
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  14. adam1314

    adam1314 Member

    Many thanks for your time to explain how the brake may not work efficiently in emergency. Really appreciated. All I do is drive slowly and keep a distance with the car in front me. Will change the other two tyre to H when they wear out.


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