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Is a BOV ok or bad for your engine comparied to a

audia4t99 Oct 4, 2004

  1. audia4t99

    audia4t99 New Member

    <font color="red"> I am woundering the difference in the BOV and the DV.I have heard that the bov is ok as long as it has a plumb back into the engine.Then I hear that even with that i can hurt the engine. I am confussed on what to beleive.I have the GFB Hybrid on there now. But i just do not want to hurt my engine over time,by it not getting enough air back into the maff sensor.So should i still just run the GFB or pull that out adn mybe go with a Baileys or a Forge that is just a plumb back set up??
    thanks </font> /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif
  2. audia4t99

    audia4t99 New Member

    Yeh i have the GFB Hybrid on there now&gt;but there is no sound out of the BOV at all.The engine just does not seem to be running right eaither.It seems jerky.I do not know if that could be caused by the valve or not.That is the only reason i was thinking of going with a different valve..
  3. Markey

    Markey Active Member

    That jerkyness is more than likely caused but that valve, do a search like David R says as this has been talked about so much...
    And it is known by a lot of people that you will loose approx 5-7bhp between gear changes when not useing the diverter valve... I think that was stated by someone in another message...
  4. leezace

    leezace Member

    audia4t99, have you fitted the Hybrid the correct way being the reverse to the OEM DV ?

    Also this Supposed 5-7 bhp drop ! thats one thing i haven't read about regarding the DV / BOV situation !
    Surley if this supposed drop is between gear changes it wouldn't matter anyway as the clutch is depressed, hense no drive ?

    Dont belive all you read,there are alot of people out there that profess to know more then they do. Many hear one opinion and then tell it as gospel !

    There is no proof of a DV working better then a BOV they just need different applications.

    The only certanty is a DV "WILL" work as the VAG is designed that way, BUT a BOV can work just as well with no power loss, no fluctuations or any other problems the only difference is the BOV needs to be set up to run correctly.

    But then thats my opinion and i am only a Landscape contractor who used to work on cars.

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